Plugin Upgrades

This category contains blog posts regarding the various plugin upgrades.

The all new version of SocialEngine PHP is here: 4.8.13! 


We have upgraded few of our plugins to make them compatible with it. All our plugins are now compatible and work well with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.13. So, if you are going to upgrade SocialEngine PHP to it's latest version '4.8.13' then you would also need to upgrade our below plugins to their latest versions.



Community Ads and Ad Campaigns are the best medium to promote businesses, websites, and even the content on site like listings, classifieds, groups, events, videos, etc. Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin enables users to create rich, targeted Ads and Ad campaigns on your site and Integration with SocialEngine's payment system allows you to charge users for these ads with multiple pricing models based on clicks, views or days.


Site users play a key role in successfully running a website. But, it is difficult to have a good user base for a newly launched website. So, to create an attractive user base in bulk, we have recently released a tool Administration Tool: Bulk Importing Users / Creating Dummy or Test Users Plugin. It makes the process of creation of users simple and quick.


Success of an e-commerce website largely depends on payment gateways integrated on it. To enable better monetization of your community, we have already released ‘Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect / PayPal Adaptive Plugin’ to integrate Stripe / Stripe Connect payment gateway and SocialEngine's in-built payment systems.


Push notifications is a feature that has the biggest potential to increase engagement in your app, and to regularly bring back users to your app. Whether you have a social networking app, an online community app, e-commerce app, utility app, or any other type of app, push notifications can have a big impact on engagement. Mobile apps with push notifications are found to have 3 times more retention. Google has recently introduced a new platform: FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) to handle notifications.



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