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This category contains posts regarding the new releases on SocialEngineAddOns.

A single Step Signup is the need of a website to attract more number of users and increase the number of signups...


Too many steps to sign up on a website leads to loss of interest in the user's to sign up and ends up with an incomplete signup. An easy and quick signup process can do wonders for your community to boost the number of signups on your website.


Imagine you open up your website one fine morning and there’s just a blank screen that greets you. When you troubleshoot the problem, you find every single file and database is missing. Was your website attacked by malware? Did someone hack your website? Do you have a Back Up?


For any active online community website owner, out of the three question the most vital question to be looked after is the third one.

We have an exciting news for all SocialEngine powered communities: PrimeMessenger services are now live!


PrimeMessenger enables community owners to connect their users with rich messaging experiences. It provides a complete solution for integrating rich, engaging, real-time messaging directly into your Web and Mobile Applications.

Any website owner can open up new avenues of business opportunities by building Search Engine visibility of his / her website. Building search engine visibility helps to bring exposure to a larger audience and increases website traffic significantly. Our Ultimate SEO / Sitemaps plugin helps to build up online visibility of your SocialEngine Community website easily and drive website traffic.


Are you looking to reach out to more prospects, existing customers and create awareness about your products through your SocialEngine Community Website?


Social media channels not only serve this need but, also offer great ways to increase website traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other Social Media Channel; plays an important role in driving traffic from the Social Media Channels to the website.


Let’s Make this Friendship Day a Grand One: SocialEngineAddOns introduces One-Way Friendship (follow) feature in Mobile Apps


Hurrayyyyy!! Time to celebrate “Friendship”. Friendship Day is round the corner. Yoga class, on the job or in drumming circles - It’s time to feel the essence and worth of true friendship with “Friends” you made across various walks of life.



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