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Let’s Make this Friendship Day a Grand One: SocialEngineAddOns introduces One-Way Friendship (follow) feature in Mobile Apps


Hurrayyyyy!! Time to celebrate “Friendship”. Friendship Day is round the corner. Yoga class, on the job or in drumming circles - It’s time to feel the essence and worth of true friendship with “Friends” you made across various walks of life.


“You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them – Jay Abraham” reveals that we are always surrounded by loads of opportunities. So, if you have got a business idea and want to bring on influencers, improve success chances of business then, it is much simpler than you can imagine.


Continuous evolution in markets demand businesses to progress at a much faster rate. The need for much better user experience has increased significantly. And while, talking about user experience; mobile apps play a big role. Besides just a great design; mobile apps need to have those extra capabilities that can increase user engagement.


New Release: Advanced Share Plugin

on Friday April 7, 2017

Content sharing is the most frequent activity performed by the users on the websites. Anything interesting, innovative and informative posted on any website is worthy to be shared on the other web platforms as well. This will not only help in spreading your content but also improve connectivity among users from different social networks. To make this happen with an easy go we have come up with ‘Advanced Share Plugin’.


Subscription to any package is the first step while signing up to a website. So, if you want to design the layout of subscription page for your website to provide more rich & attractive look and feel in terms of user interface, you can do that with our newly released ‘Advanced Member Subscriptions Plugin - Configure Plans, Layout and Mapping with Profile Types / Member Levels’.



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