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This is a guest post by Paul Rothbein, founder of PlacervilleSEO.com, a SocialEngine focused marketing and consulting firm. He is also the owner of Myriud.com which is currently in a redevelopment stage. He has also been featured on SocialEngine.com’s main website: http://www.socialengine.com/blog/?p=670.


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Creating a Client Account on SocialEngineAddOns

on Wednesday December 21, 2011

A valid Client Account can be created on SocialEngineAddOns.com only by purchasing atleast one of our products or services. To see our products, visit: http://www.socialengineaddons.com/catalog/1/plugins. To see our services, visit: http://www.socialengineaddons.com/catalog/services.

During your first purchase from SocialEngineAddOns.com, you can mention your account details in the order checkout form.

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