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SocialEngineAddOns native mobile apps provide you the best tools for mobile community building. For queries about our subscription plans, please contact us.

Mobile Starter Subscription
Mobile Pro Subscription
One-time Payment with 6-months Support
Mobile Apps Support

Get all the assistance that you need to make your community apps successful. Purchase this support when you want to renew your Mobile Apps Support.

Mobile Apps - Product Support and App Upgrade Support


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One-time Fee $299 $599 $999
Recurring Fee
$79/ Monthly
$429/ 6-Monthly
(Save $45)
$809/ Yearly
(Save $139)
$79/ Monthly
$429/ 6-Monthly
(Save $45)
$809/ Yearly
(Save $139)
No need to signup to our subscription.
Publish to Store With SocialEngineAddOns App Store Account With Your Own App Store Account With Your Own App Store Account
Support FREE FREE 6-months FREE & thereafter requirement based support
[See Right]
Apps included iOS + Android iOS + Android iOS + Android
FREE Plugins SocialEngine REST API worth $199 SocialEngine REST API worth $199 SocialEngine REST API worth $199
FREE 1 month subscription # - NA -
Free Future Upgrades Requires active support
Your Branding, your Logo, your Color, your Font
Your Branded Splash Screen
App Intro Slideshow
Unlimited Push Notifications
API Powered Apps
Realtime Updates & Custom HTML Content
Robust App Dashboard
Content Browsing, Searching, Sorting & Creation
Monetization via Google Admob & Facebook Ads
WebView Feature W
Social Networking Features, Messaging & Notifications
Native Device Features: Camera Support, Gesture Controls, Sound Effects, etc
User Subscriptions
Facebook & Twitter Login A
Mobile Starter Plan
Mobile Pro Plan
Mobile Apps - iOS and Android - One-time payment with 6 months support

Please Note:

2) For building and setting up your community's Mobile Apps, an email with instructions will be sent to you after your order of one of the above subscriptions. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

3) These Mobile Apps are dependant on: "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin". Hence, this plugin must be installed on your SocialEngine website.

5) Support shall be provided mainly by means of an electronic ticketing system from the "Support" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Account, or at the sole discretion of SocialEngineAddOns may be provided by other means of communication such as telephone and/or electronic mail (E-Mail).

  • 6) Support shall ONLY be provided for the following issues:
  • Support, at its sole discretion, may provide assistance with other issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • Support will NOT be liable for requests involving the customization of our software (with the exception of Enterprise customers) including but not limited to:
    • The integration of third-party modules
    • The addition of functionality to the Software package
    • The customization of the graphical interface
    • Assistance in locating resources out of Support's realm of expertise
  • Support for modified Software will be provided at Support's sole discretion.

7) Regular Development with New Features & Enhancements: We're regularly working on building & releasing new stuff in our iOS & Android mobile apps. To track our upgrade releases for Mobile Apps, please visit: .



Q: What is the difference between "Mobile Starter" and "Mobile Pro" plans?

Ans: The only difference between these 2 plans is that: With the "Mobile Starter" plan, your iOS & Android apps will be submitted to the app stores with the SocialEngineAddOns App Store account, whereas with the "Mobile Pro" plan, they will be submitted with your own app store account. Benefits of submitting your apps with your own app store accounts (Mobile Pro Plan) are:

  • We will be providing you the ".apk" and ".ipa" app build files. You will have control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps.
  • While submitting your Apps to the App Stores, we will take and post good screenshots of your App for the App listing. You will be able to change them easily as per your choice from your app store accounts.
  • After your App is submitted, you will also be able to add additional graphics for it from your app store account like: Feature Graphic, Promo Graphic, Promo Video, etc.


Q: If the Mobile Pro plan has so many benefits, then why would someone subscribe to Mobile Starter plan?

Ans: Mobile Starter plan has a lower cost than the Mobile Pro plan. Additionally, with the Mobile Starter plan, you also save the $99 per year fee of having your own iTunes iOS developer account.
Thus, if you want to see what your community's mobile apps would be like, with a low initial start-up cost, then you can go for the Mobile Starter plan.

You can anytime move from the Mobile Starter plan to Mobile Pro plan by filing a support ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area, and our support team will help you out. App transfers from SocialEngineAddOns app store account to your app store account will be subject to app store terms. (See iTunes app transfer terms here, and Google Play Store's app transfer terms here.)


Q: Can I cancel my mobile apps subscription any time? What will happen when I cancel my subscription?

Ans: You can cancel your subscription any time, and renew your subscription later. While renewing your subscriptions, you will not have to pay their one-time fees again.

We recommend that you should not cancel your subscription to get continued support for our mobile apps and to upgrade the apps on iTunes and Google Play when we release new versions. If you cancel your mobile apps subscription, then you will not be able to file support tickets for any support related to mobile apps.
Additionally, with the Mobile Starter plan, you need to have an active subscription for your app to be available in the app store. With the Mobile Pro plan, as the apps are published with your app store account, you have control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps.


Q: I do not want recurring subscription, and need the apps with a one-time payment. How can I get the apps with one-time payment?

Ans: If you want to get Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based community along with uninterrupted 6 months support by paying just one-time payment, and do not want to avail the benefits of recurring subscription, then you can order this plan: "One-time Payment with 6-months Support", that is also mentioned in the above plans list. For details of this, please visit here.


# : The free 1 month subscription will be provided with the first billing cycle. So, if you opt for the 6-monthly billing plan, then after placing your subscription order (with the one-time fee & fee for the first 6 months), the next subscription renewal charge will be processed after 7 months.

A : Twitter Login is currently only available in the Android app. It will soon be developed in the iOS app.

W : WebView feature brings in even those 3rd-party plugins and features in your app, that are not natively integrated with the app. Hence, all the main features of your website can be made available in your Mobile Apps. It also brings realtime updates to your app. For details, please read here.

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