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iOS Mobile Application - iPhone and iPad
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4


The future of community building is on Mobile.
Get your community in the hands of your customers with our beautiful mobile solutions.
Put your Community in the Hands of your Members. Great app experiences over multiple devices, be it iPhones or iPads.
Native API powered app with push notifications, camera support, gesture controls, device orientation, and more!
Content browsing, searching, liking, commenting, sharing, joining events, groups and more on the go!
Rich user experience for media playing & browsing.
Quick content creation: Posting status updates, photos & videos, creating events, groups, classifieds, etc.
Optimal features to keep users engaged to your app on mobile.
Beautiful design and great user experience.
Robust dashboard with menu management and realtime updates.
Messaging, Community Notifications, Friend Requests, all are easily accessible..
Real time alerts to users via push -notifications.
Easy and engaging way to monetize apps with interactive Google Admob and Facebook Ads
Scroll below for complete specifications..


Having your own Mobile App is very crucial to increase engagement on your Social Network, and for the success of your online community. Our iOS App for SocialEngine product enables you to get a Native iOS Mobile App for your website, thus allowing many of your users to stay connected on-the-go with your community. This App works well on both iPhones and iPads.

General Features:
  • One App that works well on iPhones as well as on iPads.
  • Contains adequate features to keep your users engaged to your community on their Mobile phones.
  • Appealing user experience and Intuitive app interface:
    • Easy content browsing, searching and sorting.
    • Unlimited scroll on content browsing pages and in activity feeds.
    • Mobile optimized and attractive content display.
    • Robust navigation capabilities.
    • Flat Design.
    • Good use of swipe gestures.
    • Sound effects on Like Buttons, Pull to Refresh action and while Posting Comments.
  • Easy branding of your mobile app. When we will be building the app for you the first time, we will be branding it with:
    • Your brand Logo.
    • Your brand Colors, desired Font Style, etc.
    • Attractive Introductory Slideshow for the App.
    • Splash Screen after app launching.
  • Push Notifications:
    • Push notifications are one of the best ways of increasing engagement in your app, and getting users to use your app actively.
    • Can be sent corresponding to the various user notifications and actions of your community. [Admin configurable]
    • Admin configuration alert for each notification type (alert message, badge, sound).
    • Bulk Push Notifications: Admin can send targeted push notifications in bulk based on: All registered members, selected member levels, selected networks, and even to selected users.
  • Login and Signup in your app via Facebook
  • Intelligent utilization of native device features.
  • Integration with all official SocialEngine plugins. (See "Roadmap" and "Supported Modules" tab for details)
  • 3rd-party Plugins & WebView Feature: Third party plugins (or some SocialEngineAddOns Plugins) that are not natively integrated with the app can also be very well made available in the app via WebView. Hence, all the main features of your website can be made available in your iOS App. Easily configurable from admin panel. For more details, please read our article:
  • Includes all networking features of your community like user profiles, friendships, messaging, notifications, etc.
  • API powered app that loads fast and smooth.
  • App performance: The app performs well as it has:
    • Caching for good app performance.
    • Lazy loading of images (Optimized image loading).
  • Multiple languages / multi-lingual support. Add multiple languages to your app and make it worth to millions of users across the world.
  • User Subscriptions: Leverage paid subscriptions with in-app purchase feature.
  • Spread the Word feature in you app for sharing app's link to various social networks, thus increasing user engagement.
  • Share Intent feature allow users to share content from your app to other apps and vice versa.
  • Location Centric App: Users can set a location for their app, to display the content associated to that location only [Admin configurable].
  • Monetization with Ads: Implementation of Google Admob and Facebook Ads enables monetization in your iOS App. Get free to implement tips from here: .
  • App Dashboard [Admin configurable]:
    • 2-level App Dashboard: Menus in the dashboard can be grouped into menu categories.
    • 2 Types of App Dashboard:
      • Drawable App Dashboard
      • Tabbed App Dashboard
    • Admin can configure menus in the dashboard from the admin panel of the plugin for iOS App. Any changes made by admin in the dashboard will be available to all app installs on mobiles, without requiring app upgrade.
    • For each dashboard menu, admin can specify visibility to logged-in / logged-out / all users.
    • Apart from menu-items of app supported modules, admin can also add links in the dashboard for external web URLs. These URLs' webpages will then open in the app in responsive view.
    • Single Sign On (SSO) supported: If any web-links are added in the menu from the website, and if users are logged-in into the app, then they will get auto-logged-in into the webpage too via single-sign-on.
  • Custom HTML Content: Admin can create custom HTML content and add its URL as a new menu in dashboard.
  • Realtime Updates: The features of admin configurable menus & ability to add web-links enable Realtime Updates on the app. Hence, such static content in the app can be updated / added anytime, and updated / added content will be available to all app installs on mobiles, without requiring app upgrade. This is one of the most useful features of this app, and can also be used for announcements, promotions, etc.
  • Regular Development with New Features & Enhancements: We're regularly working on building & releasing new stuff in our mobile apps. To track our upgrade releases for Mobile Apps, please visit: .

Guidelines for building your application with this product:


1. Purchase a Mobile Subscription Plan. An email will be sent to you with steps for building your Android and iOS apps.


2. Configure your Mobile Apps Subscription Plan from the "Subscriptions / Recurring Fees" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area.


3. Install the plugin: "SocialEngine REST API Plugin" that will be available in the "Files" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area after your purchase of a Mobile Apps Subscription Plan, and then configure its settings like Global Settings and API Caching settings.


4. From the "API Consumers" section in the Admin Panel of "REST API Plugin", create a new API consumer for your website's iOS App.


5. Install the plugin: "iOS Mobile Application" that will be available in the "Files" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area after your purchase of a Mobile Apps Subscription Plan.


6. In the Admin Panel of "iOS Mobile Application" plugin, configure "Global Settings" and "App Dashboard Menus". Then go to the "iOS App Setup" section and fill the details for app build-up. If you have purchased our Mobile Pro plan, then also fill the details of your app store developer account. Then email those details to us as per the instructions provided on that page.


7. File a Support Ticket from the "Support" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area with the subject: "iOS App Build and Setup" and notify us to proceed with app building. If you have any questions regarding the details required for app building, then please ask those via this same support ticket.


Now sit back and relax!


We will be submitting your iOS App to the Apple iTunes App Store within 24 to 72 hours of receiving all the details and support ticket from you, and will be providing the ".ipa" app installer file to you if you have ordered our Mobile Pro Plan.

This API directly supports all SocialEngine core features, all SocialEngine official plugins, and selected SocialEngineAddOns plugins. We're developing APIs for more SocialEngineAddOns plugins and will be releasing them in subsequent upgrades. A big plus point of this API system is that it can easily be extended to other 3rd-party modules / plugins by following 5 well defined steps outlined the administration of this plugin.

Upcoming developments in this iOS App product for continuous improvements, innovation and enhancements:

I'm currently using some 3rd-party plugins / SocialEngineAddOns plugins on my website, that are not integrated with this app. How can I provide these plugins in my app built with this product?
3rd-party plugins or SocialEngineAddOns plugins that are not natively integrated with the app can also be very well made available in the app via WebView feature. Hence, all the main features of your website can be made available in your iOS App. This is easily configurable from the admin panel. For details, please read this article.
Why did SocialEngineAddOns build this product?
Many websites and online communities are generating tremendous user engagement through their mobile applications. Mobile apps are a great way to enable your users to stay connected to your community anytime and anywhere. SocialEngineAddOns has always been at the forefront of developing products that create thriving social networking communities, and our mobile app product is a logical next step in this direction.
How long does it take for an app to get published on the Apple App Store after submission?
iOS apps are normally reviewed and approved in 2 - 3 Days. But in some cases, app approval may take longer.
Is the app source code available?
The iOS App source code is not available with the purchase of this basic product. If you are interested in obtaining the source code for iOS App and its source code license, then please click here to contact us for more information about our Enterprise plan.
Will you be building the appearance of my app according to my branding requirements?
Yes, when we will be building your application for app store submission, we will be branding it with your Logo, colors, graphics, etc according to the details provided by you. The details that we request from you for app building contain enough information for this.
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