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Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Plugin + Installation
Price: $59
 + $10
Price: $59

Activity Feeds are the most important component of online communities, where much of user engagement, content discovery and interaction happens. It is the first feature of your site that is used after signup and every login. Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin provides the right set of features and configurations for activity feeds and profile walls on your site. The quality of activity feeds experience from this plugin makes your SocialEngine site interactive and addictive for users.

Features like feeds filtering, privacy for updates, info tooltips, auto-loading feeds, friends & Page tagging, enhanced notifications, attractive photo viewer, Twitter integration, and many more, combined with attractive user interface provide intuitive and engaging experience to users.

New!! If you want to make your Activity Feed look like our demo then purchase our newly created “Activity News Feeds - Product Kit”. This kit includes all the related plugins which will beautify and enhance your activity feed in exclusive way.

  • Feeds Filtering enables users to filter activity feeds and wall based on content types, actions, friend lists, networks, or their custom created lists. This way, users can choose to see updates of content, actions and friends that they are interested in.
  • Privacy for posts enables users to choose the people with whom they want to share their updates. For privacy, generalized options like Everyone, Friends & Networks, Friends Only, Only Me, as well as Friend Lists can be selected. Updates can also be made visible to multiple friend lists.
  • The powerful features of Feeds Filtering and Posts Privacy combined form a great functionality for collaborative working and sharing.
  • Users can tag Friends as well as Directory Items / Pages to refer to them in their posts. Tagged entities get notification updates and emails.
  • Attractive and feature-rich status update / sharing box has advanced features like auto-link-detection, auto-detection of video links (Youtube and Vimeo), media sharing, inserting emoticons, adding friends and more!
  • Interactive AJAX Tooltips containing information and quick action links, on mouseover for sources and entities in the site activity feeds. Enable easier interaction and engagement!
  • Twitter Integration: Enables users to see Twitter feeds right on your site, as well as easily post updates to Twitter. Creates a Social Hub on your website. Useful features like auto-loading of new feeds, AJAX refresh, disconnect, etc.
  • Welcome Functionality: Shows welcome / introductory content to users and enables them to quickly familiarize and grow their network in your community, thus converting signups to frequent logins. Pre-built widgets like Invite People, Explore Suggestions, Most Liked Items, etc. You can also create Custom Content Blocks. Intelligent settings enables you to configure welcome content such that different users see different content depending on their number of friends, and days since signup.
  • Advanced features for activity feeds like auto-loading of new feeds, auto-loading of old activity feeds on scrolling down, hiding feeds, hiding all updates from a user / Page, reporting feeds, and many more!
  • Better user experience for Comments and Likes functionalities in feeds:
    • Quicker commenting.
    • Quicker Like / Unlike actions.
    • Counts for likes and comments are shown with attractive icons beside them.
    • Comments and Comment boxes for feeds are hidden by default and appear after clicking on the comments icon.
  • New!! You can now add multiple photos using this plugin. [Dependent on Advanced Photo Albums Plugin]
    • A '+' icon will appear on the 5th image along with the count of remaining images if more than 5 photos are uploaded at a time. 
  • New!! ‘Add Video’ link & ‘Add Photo’ link: Additional interactive options to add video / photo from Activity Feed; these options are very similar to what Facebook offers and will help increase user engagement on your websites. [Dependent on Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin and Advanced Photo Albums Plugin]
  • New!! Bigger Images will get shared on attaching links. 
  • New!! New Social Share Tooltip: Users can share the feeds on their social accounts right away. For this they can simply mouseover on share button and choose one social account amongst all. 
  • New!! Users can now edit their text based posts and correct their typos easily.
  • New!! Profile photo of logged-in user will be visible in the Post Something box, which will make this section look more attractive on Member Home Page and Member Profile Page. 
  • New!! New font icons have been implemented to eliminate multiple http requests, speeding up your websites and improve the scaling or responsiveness. 
  • New!! Seamless integration with Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin.  
  • New!! Seamless integration with SoundCloud
  • Advanced Comments on Activity Feeds: Get all advanced commenting features like photo in comments, link attachments in comments, replies to comments, tagging in comments, etc in the Activity Feeds of your website via auto-integration of Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments plugin with this plugin. 
  • Attractive tabs with multiple design options in Advanced Activity Feeds widget for Welcome tab, Site Activity Feeds and Twitter Feeds. Intuitive automatic indication of new feeds in a particular tab.
  • Mobile Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin".
  • Users can take various actions on feeds like: Hide, Hide All, Report, Save, Lock, Disable Comments, etc. (see below for more).
  • User Experience:
    • Attractive and intuitive user interface.
    • Extensive AJAX implementation for displaying and posting information without page reloads.
    • Javascript effects for enhanced user experience.
    • Easy navigation for comfortable browsing experience on your site.
    • Emoticons and Smileys add liveliness and interactivity.
    • "Scroll to Top" Button: As a user scrolls down to see more Activity Feeds on a page, the "Scroll to Top" button appears with a fading-in effect from the bottom-right side of the screen, enabling user to easily move to the top. Admin can enable / disable this for an Activity Feeds location.
    • Quick and Attractive Commenting: A "Post a comment" box can be displayed for activity feeds that have comments. Comments can be quickly posted just by pressing the "Enter" key. Emoticons / Smileys are shown in comments when their symbols are entered (admin configurable).
    • Bigger Photo Size and improved alignment of Album Photos in Activity Feeds: Bigger size of album photos in Activity Feeds make the feeds for album photo uploads / sharing look very attractive. This also induces users in clicking on the photos, thus increasing interactivity on your site.
    • New! Bigger and more attractive content photos in activity feeds: This gives a richer experience and more visual appeal to your users when they browse through one of the most important aspects of your social network: the Activity Feeds.
  • Advanced Photo Albums Plugin Integration: Integration with homepage feeds, user profile feeds and photos feeds. Feeds have been designed to have maximum impact. Additionally:
    • Activity feeds based on the number of photos intelligently creates beautiful patterns to display photos in activity feeds.
    • Clicking on photos in activity feeds loads them on the spot in the lightbox viewer.
    • User profile integration: Albums uploaded by, Liked by, Commented by and Location Updated by users, etc is shown on their profile.
Feeds Filtering:
  • Users can filter activity feeds to see updates from content types, content items, friends and actions that they are interested in.
  • Easily accessible filtering options make this a smooth enjoyable experience for users.
  • Homepage activity feeds can be filtered over:
    • Updates from Friends
    • Updates from within Networks
    • Updates about Likes
    • Status Posts
    • Updates of individual Content Types (Photos, Groups, Pages, Events, Videos, etc - Any 3rd party content plugin supported)
    • Updates from Friend Lists (Family, Co-workers, etc.)
    • Custom Lists - Users can create custom lists by choosing content items and friends. Example, I can create a list containing Friend A, Friend B, Page A, Group A, Event A which are my work related items and call this list: Work. Any 3rd party content plugin is supported.
  • For Directory Items / Pages, feeds on their wall can be filtered based on: Page (Page Admins), Friends and Everyone.
  • User can save their last feeds filtering preference while filtering their member homepage activity feeds over content types Thus, when they visit their member homepage again, feeds will be pre-filtered with that saved content type.
  • For Content Profile / View pages, feeds on their wall can be filtered based on: Owner, Friends and Everyone (Groups, Events, Blogs, etc - Any 3rd party content plugin supported).
  • For User Profiles, feeds on their wall can be filtered based on: Profile Owner and Everyone.
  • Administrative controls for choosing entities over which filtering on Member Homepage should be available and sequence of filtering options. With this, you can choose to allow filtering for important content types, or place them higher in order.
Posts Privacy:
  • While posting updates, users can choose to share them with people of their choice; the posts will thus be visible to the chosen people only.
  • This privacy for wall posts works over sharing of all content from status update box like photos, videos, music and links.
  • Users can choose general privacy options like: Everyone, Friends & Networks, Friends Only, Only Me, OR can also choose to share their update/media with their Friend Lists (like Family, Co-workers, etc). A post can also be shared with multiple Friend Lists (like Family and Close Friends).
  • Members can post their update to "Everyone" independent of the Feed Content setting, and such an update will be visible to Everyone on those members' profiles. This can further increase sharing activities and interaction on your communities.
  • Editing Privacy for Status Update Posts: Users can change the privacy for their old status update posts from their profile.
  • Admin can enable/disable posts privacy selection and editing.
  • Retaining User's Privacy Preference for Sharing of Status Update Posts: Whenever users choose a sharing privacy option for their status update post, then that preference is saved for them, such that when they want to do a status update next time, their previous sharing privacy option comes pre-selected, which they can change if they wish. This provides great convenience to users and an assurance that their update will not be accidentally shared with unintended people.
Tagging in Posts:
  • Users can tag Friends as well as Directory Items / Pages to refer to them in their posts.
  • Popularly used method of tagging: by typing "@" followed by entity name, has been implemented.
  • When user starts typing name after "@", suitable options appear in an attractive auto-suggest.
  • Tagged entities appear as links with mouseover Info Tooltips in posts.
  • Friends tagged in posts receive notification updates and emails.
  • Admins of Directory Items / Pages tagged in posts receive notification updates and emails.
Status Posting / Sharing Box:
  • Attractive user interface and AJAX status posting with no page re-load.
  • Post to Twitter: Users can choose to post their update on site to Twitter.
  • Add Photo, Video & Music: Users can add Media in their posts (Photos, Videos and Music - dependent on the availability of SE Photo Albums, Video Sharing and Music Plugins respectively. In "Directory / Pages Plugin", this is dependent on the respective extensions for these media. Users can also add photos to their updates using their Webcam.)
  • Add Link: Links can be added to posts.
  • Auto Link Detection:
    • Normal links added in posts are auto-detected and attached with post.
    • Video links (from Youtube and Vimeo) are auto-detected and respective videos are attached with post.
  • Tagging: Friends and Directory Items / Pages can be tagged in posts to mention them.
  • Add Friends: Users can Add Friends in their posts. Names of added friends appear in posts starting with: "- with", and are linked to their profiles with an Info Tooltip. Friends are intelligently grouped if many are added in a post. Added friends get notification updates and emails.
  • Share Location / Check-in: Users can add location to their status update posts. Locations added appear in posts starting with: "- at" (requires "Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin").
  • Emoticons / Smileys can be inserted into posts, thus making them very expressive and attractive.
  • Privacy: Users can choose privacy for their posts.
Info Tooltips:
  • Interactive AJAX Tooltips on mouseover for sources and entities in the site activity feeds (Any 3rd party content plugin supported).
  • New! Cover Photos for various content and users: Cover photos appear attractively in the activity feed Info Tooltips for various content (dependent on "Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin") and users (dependent on "User Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin"). Clicking on these cover photos opens them on the spot in the attractive Photos Lightbox Viewer.
  • Information: Contain information about the respective entities depending on their content type like: Category, Likes, Friends who Like, Mutual Friends, Members & Friends attending (for Events), Total Members and Friends as Members (for Groups) and so on.
  • Information about Friends are attractively shown with photo thumbnails of a few friends.
  • Quick Action Links: Enable users to quickly perform a relevant action on the entity like: Add Friend, Message, Share, Suggest to Friends (requires "Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin"), Poke (requires the FREE Poke Plugin).
  • "Directions" Action Link: This action link can be shown for these content having location: Directory Items / Pages / Businesses (from "Directory / Pages Plugin" & "Directory / Businesses Plugin"), Listings (from "Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin"), Events and Classifieds. Clicking on this link will show to users in an attractive lightbox having map, the plotted directions from their current location to the content's location. Slide-able instructions are also provided for directions. Users can change the starting location from which directions should be shown. Users' current location is auto-detected.
  • Admin settings for choosing information and action links to be available.
  • Enable easier interaction and good user experience.
Twitter Integration:
  • Twitter Tab: Users can see their Twitter updates right from within the site
  • Users can post their Twitter Updates from here.
  • Auto-loading of feeds from these.
  • AJAX refresh for feeds without page re-loads.
  • Makes users spend more time on your website; acts as a Social Hub for users.
  • Integrated seamlessly with SocialEngine's in-built basic Twitter integration.
  • Users can dis-connect any time with their Twitter account if they want to logout.
  • Attractive user interface.
Welcome Functionality:
  • Welcome users to your site. Use this to show welcome / introductory content to users.
  • Displays welcome content to users and enables them to quickly familiarize and grow their network in your community. Helps in converting signups to frequent logins.
  • Welcome Tab can be rendered in Advanced Activity Feeds widget.
  • Pre-built Widgets: Easily and quickly get users going on your website by helping them explore quality content and connect with other people. Ready to display widgets like:
  • Custom Content Blocks: Admin can create multiple custom blocks. Can be used to show welcome content to users which is different from the already available blocks. For example, you can introduce those features / aspects of your site that form your site's most important core features.
  • Intelligent settings to configure welcome content such that different users are shown different content depending on their number of friends, and days since signup on your site. This way, you can ensure that welcome content stays relevant for users.
  • Other widgets can also be placed here.
  • Blocks in Welcome tab / page can be easily arranged according to your choice using drag-and-drop.
  • Newly-signed-up users can be welcomed upon their first login by showing welcome content on homepage.
  • Widgetized Welcome page and can thus be opened with a dedicated URL.
  • Welcome Tab content can be placed anywhere on your website from the Layout Editor.
Activity Feeds:
  • Auto-loading of new activity feeds via AJAX.
  • Auto-loading of old activity feeds via AJAX when user scrolls to the bottom of page.
  • Attractive sliding effect for status updates and new activity feeds.
  • Apart from Like, Comment & Share, users can also take advanced actions on activity feeds by choosing appropriate option from attractive dropdown in the right side of feeds:
    • Hide / Report Feeds: Users can hide or report as inappropriate, individual feeds.
    • Hide All from User / Page: Users can choose to hide all activity feeds from particular Users / Pages. After that they do not receive updates from the particular User / Page. Users can easily un-hide and continue to receive updates again from hidden Users / Pages.
    • Save Feeds: Users can save feeds to view and act on them later. Feeds saved by users are accessible via the "Saved Feeds" option in Feed filters. Users can also use this to bookmark feeds of actions that they like.
    • Disable Comments: Users can disable comments on their posts.
    • Lock Feeds: Users can lock their posts from being shared.
    • Permalink for Feeds: All feeds have their own permanent URLs. These feed links can be very useful if users want to share a feed that they like.
    • Users can easily delete their updates.
    • These actions occur via AJAX with nice user experience.
  • Activity Feeds are generated for "Like" activities - when users Like something. (requires the FREE "Likes Plugin and Widgets")
  • Activity Feeds are generated for Birthday wishes. Activity feeds for birthday wishes to a user are grouped, just like on Facebook. Users can wish on someone's birthday directly from the activity feed. (requires the FREE "Birthdays Plugin-Listing, Wishes, Reminder Emails & Widgets")
  • "Add Friend" link in sign-up feeds: Feeds for new user sign-ups contain an "Add Friend" link, thus enabling members to easily send friend requests to such users.
  • Grouping of Activity Feeds: Many types of activity feeds are grouped to prevent cluttering of feeds and provide good experience. Feeds for Tagging friends in photos, users becoming Friends, "Like" activities (when users Like something) and birthday wishes are grouped.
  • Page Updates with Page Profile:
    • Updates by Directory Items / Pages can be posted with Page Photo and Title, and can be linked to Page profile, instead of Page Admin's photo and name.
    • Comments by Page Admin on Page profile and on Page contents (video, photo, document, etc) can also be posted as with Page photo and name.
    • Admin can enable / disable this.
  • Share counts are maintained for "Share" actions and users can see who all have shared an activity / content.
  • "Tag Friends" link enables users to add more friends in their updates in which they have added friends. "Remove Tag" link enables users to remove themselves from feeds in which they have been added.
  • Attractive tabs in main Advanced Activity Feeds widget for: Welcome Tab, Site Activity Feeds and Twitter Feeds.
  • Multiple attractive designs available for tabs:
    • Icon only
    • Icon and Title
    • Title only
  • When on a different tab in Advanced Activity Feeds widget, new feeds in Site Activity and Twitter are auto-detected and indicated with an attractive Star-like mark on the respective tab.
Notification Updates:
  • "Updates" dropdown in the header mini-navigation has been made attractive and informative to also show user profile photo and update time, just like in Facebook.
  • Follows SocialEngine's theme standards and will work well with all themes developed in accordance with SocialEngine's standards.
  • SocialEngine's Core Activity Feed settings and attachments while posting status are retained.
  • Advanced Activity Feeds Widget: For any position of this widget, you can choose the tabs to be available amongst Welcome Tab, Site Activity Feeds and Twitter Tab.
  • Welcome widgets
  • Settings for Tabs of Advanced Activity Feeds.
  • Enable / disable and configure Info Tooltips.
  • Enable / disable auto-loading of old activity feeds for scroll-down.
  • Settings for status posting box.
  • Feeds Filtering:
    • Configure the homepage feeds filtering bar by choosing order of filtering options and the number of options to show.
    • Enable / disable filtering over Custom Lists on member homepage and creation of Custom Lists.
    • Enable / disable filtering over Friend Lists on member homepage.
    • Enable / disable content options available for filtering and order their sequence.
    • Add Content Types available for filtering (3rd party content plugin supported).
    • Enable / disable content options available for Custom Lists and order their sequence.
    • Add Content Types available for Custom Lists (3rd party content plugin supported).
  • Activity Feed Settings (inherited from SocialEngine Core)
  • View and act on reports of abusive feed content.
  • Configure Welcome Settings:
    • Welcome for newly signed-up users.
    • Default tab or not.
    • Enable / disable blocks to be displayed and their view settings.
    • Create and enable custom blocks.
    • Enable / disable other widgets to be shown.
  • Configure Info Tooltip Settings: Choose Action Links and Information to be shown.
  • Enable / disable enhanced notification updates.
  • Choose locations for Advanced Activity Feeds widget and tabs to be available at each location.

    More features coming up soon!
Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this a stand-alone plugin?
Yes, no other plugins are required to run this plugin. There are many extensions available for enhanced features.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Plugin + Installation
Price: $59
 + $10
Price: $59
Advanced Activity Feeds Tabs Attractive Tab Designs Status Posting / Sharing Box Custom update sharing list by choosing multiple friend lists Adding Friends and Inserting Emoticons Tagging Friends and Directory Items / Pages Feeds Filtering (Homepage) Creating a Custom List Feeds Filtering for Content Profiles and User Profiles Auto Link Detection Interactive AJAX Info Tooltips on Mouse-over Auto-detection of new Activity Feeds via AJAX Interactive Feed Action options for Hiding, Reporting and Deleting Feed Action options for Activity Feed from a Directory Item / Page that user has Liked Quick AJAX Delete for Self Feed item Grouped Activity Feeds for Birthday Wishes Welcome Tab Attractive Facebook-like Notification Updates Facebook Tab Twitter Tab Instagram Tab Attractive Like and Comments Count Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Administration Admin: Global Settings Admin: Manage Lists: General Admin: Manage Lists: Content Lists Admin: Manage Lists: Custom Lists Admin: Abuse Reports Admin: Welcome Settings: General Admin: Welcome Settings: Custom Blocks Admin: Info Tooltip Settings Admin: Notification Updates

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