Plugin Upgrades

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This category contains blog posts regarding the various plugin upgrades.

Compatibility with SocialEngine PHP 4.9 & 4.9.1

We are happy to announce that all SocialEngineAdOns plugins are now fully compatible and stable with latest SocialEngine PHP version 4.9 & 4.9.1.

Enhancements in Minify Plugin - Speed up your Website

Website owners are cautious about their website's speed and have constantly been searching for speed enhancement techniques to make their website load faster.

Enhancements in Browser Push Notifications Plugin

Firstly, thanks to all for the great response and making the Browser Push Notifications plugin successful for SocialEngine community websites.

Enhancement in Documents Sharing Plugin - Google Docs Viewer

In today’s online world, it is a primary requirement to have a online document management solution to access your files / documents whenever and from wherever you want regardless of the device being used.

Enhancement in Groups / Communities Plugin

Groups provides one of the best way to stay connected with friends, co-workers, family members etc. It helps you to find the right people with similar interests.

Compatibility of Our Plugins with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.13 & 15% New Year Discount

The all new version of SocialEngine PHP is here: 4.8.13!    We have upgraded few of our plugins to make them compatible with it. All our plugins are now compatible and work well with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.13.

Enhancement in Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin

Community Ads and Ad Campaigns are the best medium to promote businesses, websites, and even the content on site like listings, classifieds, groups, events, videos, etc.

Enhancement in Administration Tool: Bulk Importing Users / Creating Dummy or Test Users Plugin

Site users play a key role in successfully running a website. But, it is difficult to have a good user base for a newly launched website. So, to create an attractive user base in bulk, we have recently released a tool Administration Tool: Bulk Importing Users / Creating Dummy or Test Users Plugin.