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Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin
Plugin + Installation
Price: $119
 + $10
Price: $119
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Attractive and Effective advertising!

Community Ads enable users to create rich, targeted advertisement campaigns on your site for promotion of businesses, websites, and even their content on site: like listings, classifieds, groups, events, videos, etc. Multiple admin created ad packages enable users to choose the right plan for their campaigns. Integration with SocialEngine's payment system allows charging users for ads with multiple pricing models based on clicks, views or days. Ads can be placed on all pages of your site and get seamlessly integrated.

This advanced plugin enables advertising of elements from any content module. Ads of site content are also integrated in social graphs through the "Like" functionality. Multiple admin configurations enable you to set this plugin according to your requirements.

The ads from this plugin are more expressive and better looking than banner ads/simple text ads, and are much more likely to receive user attention and clicks. They are similar to the ones seen on Facebook.

Ad Structure & Content:
  • Ads composed of destination URL, image, title, body.
  • Depending on ad package chosen, advertiser may either create a completely custom ad, or advertise a content.
  • Promotion of site content via their ads.
  • Viewers of content-ads will be able to "Like" them, which will in turn increase the number of likes of those ads' content and propagate them in the social graphs.
  • In-built content integration with 9 SocialEngine plugins (classifieds, groups, etc), Directory Items / Pages, Listings / Catalog items, Documents and Recipes.
  • New! Place Ads and Ad Campaigns in the activity feeds with the integration of Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin.
  • ANY 3rd party content module/plugin can be easily integrated from admin panel, to enable content from it to be advertised.
Ad Creation:
  • Easy, multi-step ad creation process:
    • Choose an Ad Package
    • Design Your Ad
    • Targeting and Scheduling
    • Review Your Ad
    • Order your Advertisement (for paid ads)
  • Real time ad preview while designing an ad.
  • Pay via Paypal or 2Checkout for paid ads (integration with SocialEngine's payment system).
Ad Blocks:
  • Ad blocks can be placed on ALL PAGES of the site.
  • Vertical positioning of ad blocks on widgetized pages can be adjusted from Layout Editor.
  • Ad block in footer is viewable on every page.
  • Admin specified limit for number of ads in every ad block.
  • Every ad block has links for "Create an Ad" and "More Ads".
  • "Ad Board" page enables users to view more ads.
Ad Packages:
  • Advertisers / users will have to choose a package for an ad.
  • Package properties:
    • Paid / Free package and Price
    • Pricing Model: Pay for Clicks / Views / Days
    • Expiry Limit
    • Custom ad creation enabled or not
    • Content types that can be advertised
    • Member Levels to which this package should be available
    • Ad Placement: Ad Blocks where ads of this package should be shown
    • Show ads of this package amongst Sponsored Ads
    • Show ads of this package amongst Featured Ads
    • Targeting enabled / disabled
    • Show ads of this package to non-logged-in visitors
    • Require admin approval before activation for ads of this package
    • Enable advertisers using this package to renew their ads before expiry
Ad Targeting:
  • Enables advertisers to reach target audience which is more likely to be interested in their ads.
  • Admin can configure which profile fields (both specific and generic) should targeting be enabled on.
  • Basic targeting enables targeting on specific profile fields (fields of type gender, city, country, education, interests, etc.).
  • Advanced targeting enables targeting users of a specific profile type and further refining ad reach based on values of generic profile fields.
Ad Analytics & Reports:
  • Performance metrics available for ads and campaigns: Clicks, Views (Impressions) and CTR (Clickthrough Rate).
  • Advertisers can view attractive graphical reports for their ads and campaigns over different durations and time scales.
  • Advertisers can view / download statistical reports for their ads and campaigns over different durations and time scales, and in web(.html) and excel(.xls) formats.
  • For content ads, advertisers see the number of Likes for their ads.
  • Admin can see overall and specific reports for ads / campaigns on site.
  • Advertisers / users can group their ads into campaigns.
  • Ad-free site can be enabled for certain Member Level(s).
  • Email notifications to users for multiple events like ad approval, activation, expiry, payment status, etc.
  • Auto resize images for ads.
  • Users can report ads for various reasons like misleading, offensive, inappropriate, etc.
  • Ads can be assigned priority weights by admin. Higher priority ads have more chances of being displayed.
  • Users can create a similar ad from an existing ad of theirs.
  • Mobile Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin".
Pages and Widgets:
  • Ad Board: Shows a grid of ads.
  • My Campaigns: Shows all ad campaigns of a user with statistical graph.
  • Main Campaign Page: Lists ads of a campaign with graph.
  • Main Ad Page: Shows Tabular and Graphical statistics.
  • Create / Edit an Ad: Multi-steps process
  • Performance Reports: For Ads and Campaigns
  • Help & Learn More pages: 2 types of advertising help pages - normal and FAQ based.
  • Various Ads Widgets for ad blocks at different positions like left, right, full-width, etc.
  • Featured Ads Widgets
  • Sponsored Ads Widgets
  • Footer Ads widget
  • Advertise - Create an Ad widget
  • Manage dimensions of ad elements.
  • Control position of main advertising link.
  • Manage Ad Blocks: Create new ad blocks, place ad blocks on desired locations of site, for both widgetized and non-widgetized pages.
  • Control number of ads to be shown in ad blocks.
  • Configure payment related settings for ads.
  • Create and manage Ad Packages.
  • Member Level Settings:
    • Show ads
    • Allow to create ads
    • Allow editing own ads
    • Allow viewing details of own ads
    • Allow deleting own ads
  • Ads Targeting Settings: Choose which specific profile fields and profile types based generic fields should be used for targeting.
  • Manage Advertisements:
    • Approve / Disapprove
    • Make Featured / un-featured
    • Make Sponsored
    • Pause / re-start
    • View details
    • Modify payment status
    • Decline Ad
    • Adjust Priority Weight
    • Assign Minimum CTR
    • Change duration
    • Delete Ad
    • Edit Ad
  • New! Advertisement [Dependent on Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin and this tab will be visible in the admin panel of ‘Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin'.] :
    • Display Community Ads
    • Display Ad Campaigns
    • Select Community Ads
    • Select Ad Campaigns
    • Set Count of Feeds for the Placement of Ads / Ad Campaign
  • Statistical Graphs Settings
  • View and download performance reports for ads and campaigns.
  • View and manage transactions for paid advertising on site.
  • Manage content modules on site for which advertising should be enabled.
  • Manage Advertising Help Pages: Manage / edit existing pages, create new pages.
  • Manage abuse reports filed by users for ads.
  • Manage contact details of advertising sales team.
Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this a stand-alone plugin?
Yes, no other plugins are required to run this plugin.
On which all pages of my site can I show Ads?
You can show ads on all the pages of your site, irrespective of whether a page is widgetized or non-widgetized.
What are Ad Packages?
Before creating an ad on your site, users will have to choose a package for it. Ad packages in this advertising system are very flexible and create many settings as mentioned below, to suit your advertising needs:
- Paid / Free package
- Package cost
- Content types to be advertisable
- Allow / disallow advertisers to create custom ads in this package
- Ad blocks on the site where ads of this package should appear
- Pricing Model (clicks / views / days)
- Expiry limit for ads of this package
- Make ads of package sponsored
- Make ads of package featured
- Allow targeting of ads of this package
- Show package's ads to non-logged-in visitors
- Require / not-require admin approval for ads of this package
- Enable advertisers to renew their ads of this package before expiry
What is Ad Targeting?
Ad targeting enables advertisers to reach their target audience which is more likely to be interested in their ads. If an ad package allows targeting, then advertisers using it will be able to configure targeting for their ad based on user profile fields. Only users having profiles matching with the targeting criteria will be shown the targeted ad. This plugin provides both basic and advanced targeting options.
Can advertisers see the performance of their Ads?
Yes, advertisements can see both graphical as well as statistical reports of their ads and campaigns. Advertisers can see the clicks, views and CTR (clickthrough rate) for their ads.
Where can I place the main "Advertising" Link?
You can place the main Advertising link on your site at these 4 places: Main Navigation Menu, Mini Navigation Menu, Footer Menu, Member Home Page Left side Navigation .
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Plugin + Installation
Price: $119
 + $10
Price: $119
Ad Element structure Ad Blocks can be placed on Non-Widgetized Pages Ad Blocks can be placed on Non-Widgetized Pages Contd.. Ad Blocks can be placed on Non-Widgetized Pages Contd.. Ad Blocks in Left and Right Columns Ad Blocks in Extended Right/Left Column Ad Blocks for Middle Column Ad Blocks for Full-page width Footer Ad Block Advertising Link can be placed in 4 different places Ad Board Page Advertise: Create an Ad Widget Create an Ad: Choose an Ad Package (Step 1) Create an Ad: Design Your Ad (Step 2) - Creating a Custom Ad Create an Ad: Design Your Ad (Step 2) - Advertise your Content on site Create an Ad: Targeting and Scheduling (Step 3) Create an Ad: Review Your Ad (Step 4) Create an Ad: Order your Advertisement (for Paid Ads) (Step 5) My Campaigns Page Main Campaign Page (Owner) Main Ad Page (Owner) Advertising Performance Reports (Owner) Advertising Report (Webpage form) Advertising Help Pages Report an Ad Community Ads Administration Admin: Global Settings Admin: Manage Ad Packages Admin: Create New Ad Block Admin: Manage Ad Packages Admin: Create New Ad Package Admin: Manage Content Modules for Ads Admin: Add New Content Module for Advertising Admin: Member Level Settings Admin: Ads Targeting Settings Admin: Manage Advertisements Admin: Edit Advertisement Admin: Advertising Transactions Admin: Statistical Graphs Settings Admin: Advertising Performance Reports for Ads and Campaigns Admin: Ad Report Page (.html) Admin: Manage Advertising Help Pages Admin: Abuse Reports Admin: Layout Editor (Widgets)

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