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People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Plugin + Installation
Price: $19
 + $10
Price: $19

Expand your user-base and increase the social graph of your users.

This plugin provides you the best tools to increase user-base and friendships on your social network. Your users get effective tools to expand their social graphs. It enables your site to give sound recommendations to users for adding friends, just like Facebook does. The algorithms behind the friends recommendation engine are based on user relevance, and highlight people that the users might actually be interested in.

Users can also suggest friends to their other friends, and these trusted suggestions can lead to a chain of friend additions. Users can securely import their contact lists / address books from popular email services and applications to invite their contacts on the site, or to see which of their contacts are site members, and add them as friends.

These features are very similar to the ones on Facebook and allow for quick growth in your site's user-base and connections.

Plugin Features:
  • Viral features similar to the ones on Facebook, to grow friend connections on your site, and the user-base.
  • Friend Recommendations (People you may know) widget, which also enables users to see mutual friends. Friend recommendation algorithm based on user relevance shows recommendations which the users are likely to be interested in.
  • "Suggest to Friends" links on Friends' Profiles enabling users to suggest their friends to other friends.
  • Friend Suggestion popups:
    • Popup after "Add as Friend": After a user sends a friend request to someone, he is shown a popup to suggest that member to his other friends who might know that member. The selected friends for the suggestion will receive the Friend suggestion and its update.
    • Popup after clicking on "Suggest to Friends": Clicking on the Suggest to Friends link on a friend's profile enables user to suggest this friend to other friends.
    • Popup after Accepting Friend Request: After a user accepts a friend request, he is shown a popup suggesting to him friends of the added friend which he might be interested to add.
  • "Find Friends" page listing more friend recommendations for the user than the "People you may know" widget. This page also allows users to search for friends on the site.
  • Users can remove / reject suggestions which they do not find useful. These suggestions are replaced by new suggestions via ajax.
  • Import & Invite functionality: Users can import their contact lists / address books from the below mentioned services to see which of their contacts are present on the site and add them as friends. Users can also send invites to their contacts who are not on the site.
    • Popular Webmail services supported: Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live (Hotmail), AOL.
    • New! Popular Social Networking services supported: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
    • Contact Lists in CSV & TXT formats can be uploaded and imported. Some services supported are: LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Address Book, Mac OS X Address Book, Palm Desktop, Windows Mail.
  • Email queuing mechanism for sending out invite emails.
  • Users can see and act upon friend suggestions received from friends on the Requests page, and the suggestions listing page.
  • Seamlessly integrated with the SocialEngine Notification updates and Requests systems.
  • Ajax based features for good user experience.
  • Seamless integration with SocialEngine's theme system.
  • Mobile Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin".
  • Choose settings for the "People You May Know" and "Suggest Friends" widgets.
  • Enable / disable the friend suggestion popups triggered while adding a friend and approving a friend request.
  • Configure settings for the contact importer.

    Admin Demo provided upon request.
Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
I have this "People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter" plugin installed on my site. I now want the "Suggestions / Recommendations" plugin on my site; what should I do?
You should first disable the "People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter" plugin on your site, and then install the "Suggestions / Recommendations" plugin.
What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Plugin + Installation
Price: $19
 + $10
Price: $19
Suggesting friends to a friend Main Updates and Requests listing page showing the Friend Suggestions received Integration with the SocialEngine Requests and Notification Updates systems Suggestions popup after Approving Friend Request Suggestions popup after Suggest to Friends link on Friends' Profiles User accepting a Friend Request from the Requests page Main Friend Suggestions listing page Administration of the People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter Admin : Global Settings Admin : Widgets & Popups Settings

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