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Amazing SocialEngine Plugins

Amazing SocialEngine Plugins

Enhance your communities with our plugins. Amazing plugins to fulfill new business possibilities & increase engagement.
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Responsive Themes

Responsive Themes

Get modern, attractive & responsive themes for your SocialEngine based websites.
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iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

Power your community’s growth with Mobile Apps. Enable your users to always stay connected.
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Highly Discounted Packages

Highly Discounted Packages

Get discounted packages with essential products to fulfill your community’s core idea.
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Product Kits

Product Kits

Get discounted product bundles, with each bundle having its own specialty.
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Managed Hosting / AWS Cloud Hosting

Managed Hosting / AWS Cloud Hosting

Get optimized hosting for your SocialEngine community.
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What is SocialEngineAddOns ?

SocialEngineAddOns has been the top rated developer for SocialEngine since more than 7 years. We have deep domain expertise, right technology skills, and customer success is our foremost goal.

We are an independent company not associated with the SocialEngine company.

Our Plugins

Channelize - Rich Messaging, Video Calls & Group Chats for Online Communities

Is keeping your community active a challenge? Want to connect your users with rich messaging experiences? To keep your community members engaged, it should offer the essential tools for easy interaction amongst them. ...

Android Mobile Application

Put your Community in the Hands of your Members! Having your own Mobile App is very crucial to increase engagement on your Social Network, & for the success of your online community. Our Android App product enables you to get an Android Mobile App for your website, thus...

Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin

Online videos are becoming the fastest growing trend for communicating information. Videos aren’t just more persuasive, but also serve as a great means for people to satisfy their needs for any kind of information. Whether it’s about promoting a content, marketing a product,...

Our Packages

This package contains almost all our SocialEngineAddOns plugins, thus enabling you to have thriving online community and social website. With this package, your website can be quickly setup like our Main Demo ( You also...

  • Actual Cost $3,406.00
  • You pay $1,999.00
  • Discount $1,407.00

This package contains all those SocialEngineAddOns plugins, with their extensions, that are advanced versions of official SocialEngine plugins, and plugins that provide advanced forms of SocialEngine's core features. It also contains an attractive responsive theme....

  • Actual Cost $1,477.00
  • You pay $1,199.00
  • Discount $278.00

Build a website full of entertainment for your community members. They will have a platform to enjoy and showcase their talent in the field of videos, music, photography, blog writing etc.


  • Actual Cost $1,083.00
  • You pay $999.00
  • Discount $84.00

Do you want to build and showcase a website just like Facebook? Here's "Facebook Clone Package" which is all you need to build a website like Facebook. Building a website using this package not only yields a finished product which looks like but also has...

  • Actual Cost $1,459.00
  • You pay $999.00
  • Discount $460.00

Looking supporters and backers to capital your business idea? Here’s crowdfunding package designed to help you find desired audience in a short time. Package inclusions will help you build connected network of small businesses, writers, influencers, freelancers, artists, e...

  • Actual Cost $1,360.00
  • You pay $999.00
  • Discount $361.00

Are 'Locations' important for your website's idea? Do you want to have location specific content on your website like listings, events, groups, businesses, services, restaurants, members, etc? If yes, then this package will be very useful for you. For a lot of...

  • Actual Cost $2,221.00
  • You pay $1,599.00
  • Discount $622.00

The proliferation of online commerce has opened up opportunities for many small businesses to sell online. With this Social Commerce Package (23 plugins total), you can create a thriving online marketplace community where multiple sellers can showcase and sell their...

  • Actual Cost $1,237.00
  • You pay $1,099.00
  • Discount $138.00

Advanced Events plugin along with its extensions makes up a great tool which enables you to create an appealing "Events" system on your website. Our recently released “Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension” adds more to it by letting...

  • Actual Cost $1,353.00
  • You pay $1,099.00
  • Discount $254.00

Groups & Events are 2 functionalities that form the core of many online communities. Both are content types that allow members to join them, and that can very well be associated with offline, real-world activities. They enable users to meet new people that share common...

  • Actual Cost $1,436.00
  • You pay $1,099.00
  • Discount $337.00

iOS & Android Mobile Apps
for SocialEngine

The future of community building is on mobile.
Get your community in the hands of your customers with our beautiful, robust and native mobile solutions.

  • One-time Payment with 6-months Support - $999
  • Mobile Apps Subscription - $599 + ($79/ Monthly or $429/ 6-Monthly or $809/ Yearly)
  • Mobile Starter Subscription - $299 + ($79/ Monthly or $429/ 6-Monthly or $809/ Yearly)

Our Recent Works

Arts & Entertainment
Social Networks
Interest Based Groups
Travel & Photography

Why Choose Us ?

  • Domain Expertise

    We have expertise in SocialEngine platform, as well as in the domains of online community building, social networking and e-commerce, to deliver right solutions for your SocialEngine based online community.

  • High Quality Products

    Delivering high quality products is our core strength. We never compromise with work quality.

  • Custom Development Projects

    We offer fully customized web and mobile apps development solutions to suit your business ideas and to make your business succeed.

  • Expert Hosting Team

    No need to worry about hosting your online community. We have an expert in-house system admin team that can host your website on a scalable AWS cloud as well as on dedicated hosting server.

  • Fully Responsive Themes & Plugins

    We deliver fully responsive Themes & Plugins to make your website accessible on all devices.

  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps

    We build robust, engaging and feature-rich native iOS & Android Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based online community.

  • Cost Effective

    We offer products and services at cost effective rates and we always find a solution that falls into your budget.

  • Great Support

    We know how important quick and great support is for the success of your online community. Support for our products & solutions is our strength, and we never let you down on that.

Customer Speaks

  • Fast and Competent. Their help is always precious for us.

    • Paolo
  • SEAO is the best plugin developer for SE by far. We use their products for our networks and they totally rock!! *****

    • Duman Isareti
    • BizBize
  • Quick support, good developer team

    • James
    • KartPulse
  • SocialEngineAddOns is just amazing,you have helped me make my dream come true,your products are just what is required for anybody dreaming to build a big community.

    • Isaac
    • Churchblaze
  • I would recommend all of you to try them and to try to work with SocialEngineAddons. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine my projects without them. Thank you very much SEAO!!

    • Fernando Sicilia Mendoza
    • Todo Acuario
  • SocialEngineAddOns is an excellent developer and make some of the best products on the market that we consider to be a must have to take your social network to the next level.

    • Steve
    • BikersPost
  • We became interested in SocialEngineAddons as we begin reviewing their plugins and discovering the depth and breath in which they are implemented across the SE platform. SEAddons take their support as seriously as you take your Business. So - its a good match.

    • Brent A.
  • The SocialEngineAddOns team have been very friendly and open to suggestions. We have taken note that they stay on top of security and feature updates and are always eager to improve their product and have our recommendation.

    • David Andrews
    • ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SEAO to anyone who is building a social network. They are the best at what they do!

    • John Berkowitz
    • Gearfire Hub
  • We have been developing our in-house solution before, but after moving to SocialEngine AddOns, we realized this is the best value for us, with experienced and very supportive team.

    • Jozef
    • TeamResort
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