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Script for configuring SocialEngine website with SocialEngineAddOns Plugins to a Location based / City specific website
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Plugin + Installation
Price: $20
 + $10
Price: $20

Nowadays, ‘Location’ plays a vital role for creating win-win situation for your website, users associate themselves to a website with the location they are currently living and want everything related to it. Currently, for making your socialengine website location centric, you need to do many changes in the admin panel to configure SocialEngineAddOns Plugins . But not now, we have created this script to ease your effort and time, using which you will be able to configure your SocialEngine website with SocialEngineAddOns Plugins to a Location based / City specific website.

Like if you have selected a location: New York, then all the results and the content shown on the website will be associated to that location. Whether it is Event, Group, Page, Tourism etc.

How this script works and helps you in creating location centric website for you:
  • Once you configure this script on your website, it will enable only the relevant navigations and pages of SocialEngineAddOns Plugins, to give you the feel of location centric website. [you can view our demo for this: http://demo.city-search.socialengineaddons.com, you can enable these pages and navigation menus manually from admin panel.]
  • It will create a location dropdown in your header by which you will be able to browse site wide content on the basis of location.
  • Location feature will get enable in every plugin helping you to browse site wide content. [Admin Configurable]
  • It will make your Main Menu, Mini Menu and Advanced Search synchronised with the location field. [Admin Configurable]
How to setup a location centric website with this module:
  • After the installation process, please go to the admin panel of this module and follow the steps below:
  • You need to configure the various content modules and settings available in the ‘Global Settings’ section, by selecting them and clicking on the ‘save changes’ button. [Note: After saving these settings, plugin pages and navigation will get displayed like our demo: http://demo.city-search.socialengineaddons.com]
    1. a)  Now you need to select whether you want your users to select specific location on your website or any location. If you want to run your website for specific locations then please go to the ‘Location & Maps’ tab available in the admin panel of this module. Select ‘Yes’ for ‘Enable Specific Locations’ setting.
    2. b) Now go to the ‘Manage Locations’ section available on this page and add locations using ‘Add Location’ link. 
  • You can set the “Default Location for Content Searching” and “Default Value for Miles / Kilometers” settings for searching. In case of specific location, you will be able to select default location from the locations added by you. [Note: We recommend you to set the above settings for having good browsing experience.]
  • After adding the locations, please go to your website, you will see that your whole website has been revolutionised to location centric website within few minutes.
  • You will see the location dropdown in the header. You can change the location from here and choose any module to search content for this location. You will see that the displayed content is associated with the location you have chosen from the location dropdown.
  • Also, if you do not want specific location for your website then you need not have to follow the above a and b steps. In this case browser based location detection feature is used to identify current location of user. Also, for creating and searching content, ‘location auto suggest box’ will be displayed using Google API’s.
  • Just visit your website and enjoy your newly transformed website with location feature.
  • You can navigate to different modules which you have configured from the admin panel. You will see that the desired content associated to the chosen location is ready for you to browse and view.

[Note: If you need all the features described above for your website, please purchase our : "Location / City Specific Content - Members, Events, Businesses, Pages, Listings, Groups & More - Package" and get started with your idea of creating a robust location centric website.]

Plugin + Installation
Price: $20
 + $10
Price: $20

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