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Minify Plugin - Speed up your Website
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Plugin + Installation
Price: $39
 + $10
Price: $39

Speed up your SocialEngine Website

Minify plugin combines and cache your multiple JS and CSS files to improve the page load time. It responses you with the best results, knowing the importance of your crucial files, their sequence and reliance on each other. It will pass your website on all performance parameters i.e load handling capacity, speed, lesser JS and CSS callings, lesser HTTP requests, by returning a consolidated code, removing re-written codes and unnecessary spaces & comments in a zip format to website’s cache header.

Does your website takes too long to load?
Is light-weighted code crucial for you?
Plugins with Heavy Js and CSS dull your website's performance?

If 'Yes' then Minify Plugin will resolve all of these problems.

  • Supports caching to power the website's performance.
  • Decrement in CSS and JS callings by eliminating multiple HTTP request.
  • Vast difference in outgoing JS requests.
  • Significant reduction in page load time.
  • Works well with CDN (content distribution network).
  • Works well with SocialEngine’s caching system.
  • Improves google page speed and yslow grade.
  • Significant reduction in page load time by combine multiple CSS or JavaScript files.
  • Capable of handling multiple requests per seconds.
  • Incase of user traffic, minify helps you in reducing Js requests and boost website's performance.
  • You can compare the difference after installing this plugin from GTMetrix or Google Page Speed
Will it work with CDN?
Your website page will not break and will work perfectly fine with CDN.
During minification does it removes relevant code also to speed up website?
No, it removes only the re-written code and unnecessary spaces & comments from it.
How can I check whether minify plugin has really affected by website's performance or not?
You can change your website's mode from production -> development -> production, to ensure your website's code is not coming from cache and you are checking speed in real. Now open your website >> inspect your website's page >> Go to Networks tab >> Select JS / CSS tab, you can see the number of JS and CSS requests. Now repeat this procedure after disabling this plugin you can see the significant amount of difference.
Does this plugin requires any changes in Source Code of SocialEngine PHP?
No, this plugin does not require any changes in Source Code of SocialEngine PHP.
Which library are we using for this plugin?
We are using library of Minify from: http://code.google.com/p/minify
Plugin + Installation
Price: $39
 + $10
Price: $39
Consolidated code after removing blank spaces and commented code by Minify Plugin Significant reduction in JS callings and website's speed after installing Minify Plugin Significant reduction in CSS callings and website's speed after installing Minify Plugin

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