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Want to connect your users with rich messaging experiences? provides a platform for integrating such rich & engaging Messaging and Video & Voice Calling experiences directly into your Web + Mobile Apps. These messaging experiences are on par with leading consumer messengers such as WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. The platform is delivered as a service with fully managed infrastructure.

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With Channelize, will my community members need to download a separate chat app, or will it will be integrated within my existing Mobile Apps?
We’ve built Channelize such that it seamlessly integrates with your existing web and mobile apps. Unlike Facebook Messenger, your users will not need a separate app for messaging.
What is the interface of Channelize like?
Channelize has a modern messaging interface that is synonymous with the best messaging and chatting experiences. In the website, messaging is available in easily accessible, attractive chat window that allows multiple chats simultaneously, and in the mobile apps too the messaging tabs are perfectly located. You can experience these yourself by checking out the Channelize Demos and the product screenshots.
What is the price of Channelize?
To see the Pricing Plans of Channelize services, please visit: Please note that the services for integrating Channelize within your website and apps, and for migrating existing conversations on your community are free.
What if my website and mobile apps have larger number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) than those provided by Channelize Plans? How much would the Channelize services cost me then?
Channelize also offers Custom Plans for Large-scale businesses which allow very large usage limits. So, if you don’t see your usage limits being fulfilled by Channelize’s fixed plans, then you can get a custom plan built for you from the bottom of the Pricing page.
If you’re on a lower plan, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan whenever required, as your community grows. Channelize provides flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or cancel plan anytime.
I have many existing conversations in my community, and I do not want to start afresh when I start using Channelize on my community. Can the existing conversations get migrated?
Yes, Channelize enables migration of existing conversations on your SocialEngine website from Core Messages, SE Chat Plugin and CometChat. So, you do not need to worry about losing existing conversations on your community. Along with messages, you will also be able to migrate your existing users and friendships to Channelize.
How much time is required to get Channelize set-up on my Website and Mobile Apps?
It normally takes 3-4 business days to set up Channelize services for you. This can also increase if there is an problem in migrating your community members, messages and friendships.
My website is not secured over SSL / HTTPS. After adding Channelize to my website the browser address bar is showing ‘Website not secure’. How to fix this?
We recommend all serious community owners to get SSL certificate installed on their server and run their website on HTTPS. Not only does this make your website more secure and trusted, but it also helps a lot in SEO and Google ranking. You may contact your hosting provider for SSL installation, or use the SocialEngineAddOns SSL Certificate Installation Service.
Channelize gives a lot of importance to security and it runs on SSL secured servers. So, for best experience it recommends parent website to also run on HTTPS. For Web Push Notifications to work on your website, it must run on HTTPS.
How is Channelize better than other products available in the market?
  • Has better Design and User Experience.
  • Deep integration with SocialEngine and all SocialEngineAddOns plugins. Channelize integrates seamlessly with your SocialEngine Website, iOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App. Key aspects of integration are: Privacy Controls (member blocking), Friendships, User Online / Offline Status, Member Profile & Photo, Matching Theme (branding), etc. Channelize’s integration with SocialEngineAddOns plugins like “Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin”, “Multiple Listing Types Plugin”, “Advanced Events Plugin”, etc. also makes chatting experience engaging for users.
  • Robust, Cloud-based Messaging Infrastructure. This infrastructure is specially designed for real-time applications and it also keeps your website’s server free from any messaging load.
  • Messages are secured over SSL.
  • As Channelize is a SaaS product, so you don't need to worry about hosting and backend related things. Channelize will manage it for you. You need to focus only on the growth of your SocialEngine Community.
  • Easy migration of existing conversations on your community from in-built SocialEngine messages, SE Chat Plugin and Cometchat.
  • High Priority Support and Regular free updates.

What if your users want to have private chat with their friends on your community? What if users want to have group conversations in real-time? What if you realize how instant messaging can boost growth and engagement in your community, but do not know how to get these features implemented quickly and economically?

One answer to your many questions:

Channelize allows your users to send Individual and Group messages, share videos, images and files with other users and a lot more! Here’s a brief overview on Channelize’s feature set and how it can make an impact on your users:

1-to-1 and Group Messaging

One-to-one chat is one of the best ways to boost website and mobile apps usage duration. It increases the use cases that your apps can fulfill. Increase in stickiness of your apps leads to a drop in churn of members. A simple connection of one-to-one chat can increase intimacy in dating apps, collaboration in utility apps, response-time in medical apps, participation in educational apps, and more!

Group chats generate buzz in your Community. They help develop new connections and strengthen bonds. Members work towards and discuss on common goals and interests.

Push Notifications

With Channelize, your members are connected to your website and mobile app even when they’re offline. Push Notifications encourage users to come back to your app.

Multi-media content sharing

With Channelize, your Website and Mobile App users can express themselves via rich media, including photos, videos and music. These can be readily uploaded, transmitted and viewed!

Sync across multiple devices

Chats and Messages are always synced and ordered across multiple devices i.e. web, mobile phones and tablets. This provides a seamless communication experience.

Typing indicators

Fully featured, attractive user interface makes Channelize engaging to use. The theme can be customized to match your branding.


Read receipts and delivery status

Whether another participant has read a given message or not? If the sent message has been delivered to another user or not? Noticed these features in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and found them useful? Well, Channelize too indicates read receipts, delivery status of messages and count of unread messages. It also provides bookmarks that load messages at the point where users stopped reading last time.

Last Seen & Presence Indicators

Users can know when their contacts were last active and the real-time online availability of friends. These features promote conversations.

Privacy Controls

Privacy controls like visibility of presence indicators, blocking members, etc keep your users carefree and promote effective communication.

Multi-language Support

Support for multiple languages in messenger interface lets your users chat in their local language.

Integration with SocialEngine Website and Mobile Apps

Channelize integrates seamlessly into your existing SocialEngine website and iOS & Android Mobile Apps. Import existing conversations in Chats & Messages, Friends lists, etc.

What values will Channelize add to my SocialEngine Community?
  • - Make communication between users delightful
  • - Reduce Churn Rate
  • - Improve User Engagement
  • - Replace the slow messaging system of SocialEngine with an interactive, real-time messenger
  • - Increase User Retention
Easy Migration

Migration of existing conversations on your website from in-built SocialEngine messages, SE Chat Plugin and Cometchat.


Allows customizing theme color to match your existing SocialEngine Website & Mobile Apps theme.

Channelize will continue forging a path to make itself the fastest and easiest in-app chat and messaging solution for both Websites and Mobile Apps