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Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Plugin + Installation
Price: $79
 + $10
Price: $79

Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin can be used on your site for endless purposes like: online directory, records, catalogs, listing products, places, books, pets, recipes, classifieds, services, archives, offerings, etc.

This plugin enables your users to create rich, detailed listings, with high interactivity, and provides multiple tools for this. With features for showcasing quality listings and intelligently suggesting to users the listings that they may like, this plugin promises to make surfing through listings a good experience for the users of your social community.

Multiple admin configurations and provision for creating additional category-based custom fields allow you to extend this plugin based on your site's requirements, and also to create your own niche directory.

Plugin Features:
  • Widgetized main listing page with drag-and-drop widgets, and admin controls enables you to choose and customize features for listings on your site
  • Listing Dashboard enables easy creation of listings, and allows managing various components of a listing.
  • Photos and Videos# enables listings with media for a better showcase.
    • New! Attractive Photo Viewer (Theater Mode) for photos.
  • Categories and sub-categories allow robust classification of listings. You can also create 3rd-level categories for more detailed classification. Attractive icons can be uploaded for each.
  • New! Category Based Custom Fields: You can configure mapping between listing categories and listing profile types such that custom profile fields can be based on categories. Thus for example, you can have fields like Experience, Qualification for listings of category Jobs, and fields like Area, Amenities for listings of category Property. These custom fields can also be made searchable.
  • Keyword tags can be associated with listings. A tag cloud widget provides easy filtering of listings.
  • Featured Listings Slideshow widget for showcasing special listings. 
  • Sponsored Listings AJAX Carousel widget for showcasing sponsored listings.
  • Listing of the Day widget enables one listing to be highly showcased for a day. This is admin configurable.
  • Widgetized Listings Home and Browse pages, which can be configured using drag-and-drop widgets.
  • 3 displays: List View, Grid View, Map View for listings on home and browse pages provide excellent user experience.
  • Google Maps integration:
    • Used in Map View for listings. Sponsored listing markers are shown on map with a bouncing animation.
    • Listings having location information have a Map Tab on their profile page showing their accurate location on map.
    • Listing owners can point their exact location on map using drag-and-drop marker in Listing Dashboard.
  • Google Geocode API integration:
    • Owners can simply enter their listing's location address and this converts it to a formatted address and location coordinates to be plotted on map.
    • Geocoding is also used in Proximity Search.
  • Listings can be Closed / Opened. This enables users to also post listings of items available in fixed numbers or for fixed duration.
  • New! Listings End Date / Expiry: Listings can be made to expire after a fixed duration, or have no expiry period.
  • Searching and Browsing:
    • Good listings browsing experience and powerful search ensures that users easily find results.
    • Searching enabled over admin created custom fields
    • Name / keyword based search
    • Proximity Search to find listings around a location at a distance
    • Filtering based on closed / open status, friends' / everyone's listings
    • Filtering based on tags / categories / sub-categories
    • Ordering based on recent / popularity
    • New! Admin Search Form Settings: Choose which of the available search and filter fields should be shown in the form and what their sequence should be.
    • Listings archives for month-wise browsing
  • New! Data Importing: Listings can be imported on your community from CSV files. This enables you to launch your community with already created Listings. Importing can also be done anytime, even in a running site to create Listings in bulk.
  • Likes for listings:
    • Listings can be liked / unliked
    • Listing main page shows users who like it
    • Most Liked Listings widget
    • Integration with Likes Plugin and Widgets adds additional valuable features
  • Integration with Suggestions / Recommendations / People you may know & Inviter plugin:
    • Suggest to Friends link
    • Suggest to Friends popup after creating a listing
    • Listing Recommendations widget and more..
  • Ratings and Reviews: Listings can be rated and reviewed by users.
  • Tell a friend: Enables a user to easily email a listing to friends.
  • Printing: Listings can be printed.
  • Innovative You May Also Like widget shows to users other listings that might interest them based on what they are viewing currently.
  • Multiple Widgets like: Top rated listings, Recently viewed listings, Recently viewed by friends, Most discussed listings, etc enable you to showcase listings at other parts of your site.
  • Listing Privacy configurable by owners relating to viewing listing, commenting, posting photos on listing, showing listing in search, discussions.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) URLs and structure. The HTML Meta Tags for Listing Profile pages include useful keywords like Listing Tags, categories, etc.
  • Listings can be published or saved as draft.
  • Multiple admin configurations like activating certain features, member level settings, etc.
  • User profile integration: Listings Tab widget in user profiles shows listings posted by the user.
  • Activity Feed integration: Integration with site homepage feed, user profile feeds and listings updates feeds.
  • Statistics: Admin can see detailed statistics for listings.
Main Listing Page (Listing Components):
  • Widgetized page, with multiple tabs, can be customized by admin using Layout Editor.
  • Updates: Similar to the wall feature on Facebook Pages, enables users to keep track of updates and content posted in a listing.
  • Info: Information about a listing like its description, tags, category, owner, location, etc. Admin created custom listing profile fields also show up here.
    • Comments feature.
  • Overview: Listing owners can create rich profiles for their listings using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Map: Available if listing has location information, this shows the listing on a map. Detailed location information is also shown.
  • Photos: Listing's Photo Album
  • Videos: Videos added to the listing
  • Reviews: Users can write reviews for listings
  • Discussions: Every listing has its own forum where discussion topics can be created and discussed. WYSIWYG editor is available for Post Topic Create, Post Edit, and Post Reply.
  • Links: Links shared by users on the listings are displayed here.
  • Sponsored and Featured labels: The main profile page of every sponsored and featured listing contains a corresponding attractive label image. These labels are admin configurable.
  • About Us: Listing owner can write a main caption about the listing, just like on Facebook Pages and Profiles.
  • Action links for sharing, suggesting, tell a friend, printing, contacting the owner, etc.
  • Rating: Current rating of the listing can be seen and the listing can also be rated.
  • Users can see who all like a listing.
  • You May Also Like widget shows to users similar listings as the current one, which might interest them, and .
  • Social Sharing Buttons for quick sharing on favorite social networks.
Listings Home:
  • Widgetized page, can be completely customized by admin using Layout Editor. Widgets can be easily moved, added or removed.
  • Featured Listings Slideshow with controls
  • Categories and sub-categories shown in an attractively arranged manner
  • Recent / Most Popular / Random listings shown
  • 3 display forms: List View, Grid View and Map View. Grid view has tooltips for all entries.
  • Sponsored and Featured listings are specially marked
  • Ratings are shown for listings
  • Search form and filtering options widget
  • Sponsored Listings AJAX Carousel
  • Tag cloud showing popular tags
Browse Listings:
  • Widgetized page, can be completely customized by admin using Layout Editor. Widgets can be easily moved, added or removed.
  • Categories and sub-categories shown in an expandable widget for filtering
  • 3 display forms: List View, Grid View and Map View. Grid view has tooltips for all entries.
  • Sponsored and Featured listings are specially marked
  • Ratings are shown for listings
  • Search form and filtering options widget
  • Month-wise archives of listings
Listings Dashboard:
  • Enables users to easily and intuitively configure the various components of their listings
  • Contains 6 sections: Info, Overview, Style, Location, Photos and Videos
  • Info: For basic listing information and custom fields
  • Overview: Creating rich listing overview using WYSIWYG editor
  • Style: Styling listing page using CSS properties like background image, color, font type, etc
  • Location: Accurately marking listing location on map using drag-and-drop marker and verifying detailed location info
  • Photos: Managing listing photo album
  • Videos: Managing listing videos
Listing Photos:
  • Listing owner can choose who all can add photos to his listing
  • Owner can choose any photo from the listing's album as the listing profile photo
Listing Videos#:
  • Listing owner can either add a new video to the listing, or add a video from his existing videos.
  • This plugin contains 3 widgetized pages: Listings Home, Browse Listings and Listing Profile. The available widgets can be placed at desired locations using Layout Editor and various settings for them like their heading, number of elements, etc can be configured:
    • Browse Listings
    • Categories and Sub-categories
    • Categories and Sub-categories (sidebar expandable)
    • Featured Listings Slideshow
    • Listing Archives
    • Listing of the Day
    • New! Listings: Auto-suggest Search
    • New! Categories Hierarchy for Listings
    • New! Categories Hierarchy for Listings (sidebar)
    • New! Categorically Popular Listings
    • Listing Profile: About Listing
    • Listing Profile: Information
    • Listing Profile: Like Button
    • Listing Profile: Discussions
    • Listing Profile: Listing Info
    • Listing Profile: Listing Map
    • Listing Profile: People who like
    • Listing Profile: Listing Overview
    • Listing Profile: Photos
    • Listing Profile: Videos
    • Listing Profile: Rating
    • Listing Profile: Reviews
    • Listing Profile: Social Share
    • Listing Profile: Action Links
    • New! Listing Profile: Related Listings
    • Most Commented Listings
    • Most Discussed Listings
    • Most Liked Listings
    • Listings Navigation Tabs
    • Popular Listing Tags
    • Popular Listings
    • Random Listings
    • Recent Listings
    • Recently Viewed Listings
    • Recently Viewed by Friends
    • Search Listings Form
    • Sponsored Listings AJAX Carousel
    • Top Rated Listings
    • User Profile Listings
    • You May Also Like
      and more..
  • Extensive Member Levels based controls and permissions for the following:
    • Listing creation
    • Listing viewing
    • Listing editing
    • Listing deletion
    • Adding photos to listings
    • Adding videos to listings
    • View Privacy options for created listings
    • Comment Privacy options for created listings
    • Photo upload Privacy options for created listings
    • Auto-approval of listings
    • Auto-featured for listings
    • Auto-sponsored for listings
    • Listings count
  • Configure plugin settings for Maps integration, proximity search, sharing, rating, printing, emailing, commenting, etc
  • Configure labels for Featured and Sponsored listings
  • Create custom, searchable fields based on listing categories. Sequence of custom fields can be adjusted by drag-and-drop.
  • View and manage listings
  • Mark listings as featured
  • Mark listings as sponsored
  • Moderate / approve listings
  • Assign Listing of the Day
  • Create and manage categories and sub-categories. Sequence of categories and sub-categories can be adjusted by drag-and-drop.
  • Widgets settings
  • View Statistics for listings

    # : Videos functionality requires SocialEngine's Video Sharing Plugin

The Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin can be used by websites for a variety of features. Some of them can be:

  • Online directory
  • Records
  • Classifieds
  • Catalogs
  • Services
  • Advertising
  • Listing products
  • Listing Places
  • Listing Books
  • Listing Pets
  • Listing Recipes
  • Archives
  • Offerings
    and many more...
Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this a stand-alone plugin?
Yes, no other plugins are required to run this plugin. However, the Videos functionality of this plugin requires the Video Sharing Plugin by SocialEngine to be installed on your site.
Can I myself customize this plugin to a more specific plugin, like say for: Cars Listing?
Yes absolutely. You can yourself easily make changes for such a customization, and your plugin will still be upgradable.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Plugin + Installation
Price: $79
 + $10
Price: $79
Possibilities with the Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin Main Listing Page Snapshot (Visitor's View) Main Listing Page Snapshot (Owner's View) Main Listing Page Main Listing Page Contd.. Main Listing Page Contd.. Widgetized Listings Home page Widgetized Listings Home page (explained) Grid View and Map View Widgetized Browse Listings page My Listings Page Post New Listing Listing Dashboard Listing Dashboard Contd.. Listing Dashboard Contd.. Listing Dashboard Contd.. Profile Listings Widget Listings Administration Admin: Global Settings Admin: Member Level Settings Admin: View & Manage Listings Admin: Widget Settings (General Settings) Admin: Widget Settings (Listing of the Day) Admin: Listings Custom Fields creation and management Admin: Manage Categories & Sub-Categories Admin: Listings Statistics Widgetized Listings Pages, and Multiple Widgets

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