Stories Feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Stories is one of the most demanded feature for Mobile Apps by all our clients. Stories are a sequence of Photos and Videos that expire after 24 hours. Collection of Photos or Videos added in the Stories plays like a Slideshow. All the Active and Muted Stories display at the top of the News Feed, it’s position definitely catches Mobile App Users attention as soon as they open the app. Stories Feature offers Effects, Stickers, Emoticons, Text, Story Viewed By and many more exciting features.

Price: $99

Add Stories: Add number of Stories you want. Multiple Stories can be added at once


Media Resource: Select Photos / Videos from Gallery or Upload from the Camera


Add Captions: Add descriptions with your stories


Story Privacy: Story Privacy can be changed while creating a Story. Each Photo / Video in sequence of Photos / Videos can have a different privacy


Filters on Photos: Effects, Crop, Emojis, Stickers, Pencil etc. Filters make Stories to be customized / filtered as per the needs. Users can be ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’ and ‘Skip’ applied filters.


Post Story and Status collectively : While posting a new Story, Story can be posted as a feed as well. Story and Feed, both can have different View Privacy.


Story View Count / List: ‘Eye’ icon present at Story’s View Page gets you Count and Members List who have viewed your story.


Reply to Story: Members can Reply to your stories and reply will be sent in Core Message or Prime Messenger (based on what messaging feature is enabled for your Mobile Apps)


Delete Stories: Stories can manually be deleted before 24 hours as well.


Edit Stories: Stories Privacy, Captions etc. can be changed at anytime from Story’s View Page


Allowed Size for Videos : Allowed size for Story Video is based on the value of “upload_max_filesize” set on your server


Report Story: Members can report Stories. Reported Story will be listed at your website at “Admin” > Manage > “Report Abuses” section


Mute Users: Members can mute their friends and other members if they don't want to see their future stories. Muting the user will only mute their stories, not the posts/feeds


Note: Currently, this Feature is available only for Android Mobile App, it will be implemented for iOS in near future.


Benefits of Stories Feature in Mobile Apps:

Increased User Engagement: This New and Amazing ‘Story Feature’ is an easiest way to increase User Engagement in Mobile Apps. Stories Feature provide pretty cool ways of jazzing up your photos and videos. It's fun and creative.

Increased Visibility of your content: Posting normal Photos / Videos using Status Box in the App might skip other members eye amidst other posts in the News Feed. Stories are Catchy and Quickly Visible always at the top of News Feeds.

Enhanced UI: List of all the Stories at the Top, makes the App UI look more appealing.


I no longer want “Stories” in my app. How do I remove this feature from my Mobile Apps?

You need to contact our Support Team and they will need to update your apps to exclude Stories Feature in your app.


What is the Allowed Size for Photos or Video in Stories ?

Allowed size for Photos / Videos in Story is based on the value of “upload_max_filesize” set on your server


Does “Storage Quota” setting on Member Level Basis work for Story Feature ?



Does this Product include Story Feature in both iOS and Android Mobile Apps ?

Yes. But currently, this Feature is available only for Android Mobile App, it will be implemented for iOS in near future. When we release Story feature in iOS App in future, then you will not need to pay any additional charges to include Story feature in your iOS Mobile App