PayPal Adaptive Application Configuration and Submission Service
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Price: $29

PayPal Adaptive is one of the popular payment gateways which we have integrated in Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect / PayPal Adaptive Plugin. PayPal Adaptive payment gateway can be used with e-commerce, crowdfunding, marketplace, events based websites etc.


But, to use this payment gateway you need to generate Live Application ID. So, if you are generating Live Application ID of PayPal Adaptive and feel the need of professional help, then this service will fulfill your purpose.


[Note: If you want to generate the Live Application ID on your own, then you can also refer this video:]


After purchasing this service, please initiate a Support Ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area and send us the following information so that we may proceed further with the generation of Live Application ID.


- PayPal Log In Credentials:
[Email address and Password.]


- Title for you Application:


- Detail description:
[About what your application does and how each of the API features will be used by your application.]


- Your website's URL:


- Payment Method:
[Split Immediately (Instant) or Escrow (Delayed). Note: You can create only one Application ID for a particular payment method: Split Immediately or Escrow. So, please decide which payment method you are going to use on your website before starting this process.]


- Who will pay the PayPal Adaptive fees
[Site Admin or Seller]


- Expected monthly payment volume [in US]:

- Expected average transaction amount [in US]:


- Any relevant business documents (eg. business registration, proof of address, ID card):


This Service is normally completed in 12 to 48 hours. But, PayPal takes 10-15 days to review the details provided by you once we submit the application. So, please be sure that you have provided all the required information accurately and correctly. In case, you miss anything then your Application will not get approved and time to generate the live Application ID automatically gets increased.

Price: $29

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