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SEAO - Social Media Package

Launch a complete media oriented platform with our ‘SEAO - Social Media Package’.

This package not only provides platform for entertainment but also a simple and quick way of revenue collection.

This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.

You can build a website full of entertainment for your community members.

Actual Cost

Launch a complete media oriented platform with our ‘SEAO - Social Media Package’. This package not only provides platform for entertainment but also a simple and quick way of revenue collection. This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.

Build a website full of entertainment for your community members. They will have a platform to enjoy and showcase their talent in the field of videos, music, photography, blog writing etc.

Products Included:

Plugins included in this package are mentioned below:

  • Responsive Allure Theme: A highly dynamic theme with vibrant visuals and also allows you to modify Header, Footer, Landing Page, Typography, Color Scheme and much more as per your requirement. Responsive Allure Theme is encapsulated with various user-friendly layout badges completely cooked up which helps in setting up a website in a desirable way.
  • Advanced Music Plugin: A complete solution to create a music platform.
  • Credits / Reward Points Plugin: This plugin enables users to earn credits / reward points by performing various activities on the site and then use these credits / reward points to achieve performance badges, to upgrade to higher member levels, etc.
  • FB Messenger - Customer Service Live Chat: A live customer chat plugin by SocialEngineAddOns which highers the user engagement and customer interaction on your SocialEngine based website.
  • Advanced File & Media Manager Plugin: Provides an effective way of organizing your media files.
  • Quick & Single Step Signup Plugin: This plugin will allow you to make Signup quick for your SocialEngine based websites with a single step signup procedure.
  • Advertisements, Community Ads & Marketing Campaigns Plugin: This plugin helps the user to create rich, targeted ads / campaigns on websites for the promotion of their pages, external sites and even content on their site: like groups, posts, albums, events etc.
  • Mobile / Tablet - PWA Plugin: In short, PWA help you provide the best of the web, plus the best of native apps.
  • Newsletter / Marketing Plugin: A powerful email marketing tool that allows you to send newsletters to your users, clients, and customers and keeping them engaged.
  • GDPR Compliance Plugin: This plugin will assist you in making your SocialEngine website compliant with all aspects of GDPR.
  • Dummy Users Creator / Importer: This plugin helps you create dummy users and also to import users via CSV files.
  • Bot Actions Plugin : Increase engagement on your website using bot actions created using this plugin.
  • Lazy Loading Images Plugin: This plugin enables lazy loading of website images thus increases webpages loading speed.
  • Page Cache Plugin: This plugin will improve your page load speed, reduce server load and results in higher search rankings for your website.
  • One Time Password (OTP) Plugin: This plugin is used to verify user's Mobile Number during Registration or Landing Page form submission.
  • FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin: This plugin can be used on your site for endless purposes like: FAQ System, Knowledgebase, Tutorials, Help Center, Opinions, Glossary, Q & A, and many more! It is a great tool for information aggregation, information management and knowledge sharing.
  • Members Verification Plugin: This plugin enables a robust, crowd-sourced way of verifying members of your website.
  • Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin: This plugin enables you to create custom pages for pages like Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, 404: Page Not Found Error, Private Page, Login Required pages, etc. You can use predefined templates, relevant images and custom description for creating error pages.
  • Website Walk-through Plugin: This plugin enables you to create an amazing website tour for your users so that you can show them the best areas of your website and provide them a quick overview of it.
  • Social Login and Sign-up Plugin: Allows users to signup / login into your website using their login credentials for different social networking sites.
  • Minify Plugin: Speeds up your website by combining and caching your multiple JS and CSS files.
  • Ultimate SEO / Sitemaps Plugin: Optimize your website for search engines with this plugin and thus improve your website’s search engine rankings. It also increases the quality of websites by making them user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.
  • Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin: Lets you create ultimate banners for your website and make it more attractive and engaging.
  • Advanced Share Plugin: Allows your users to easily share your content on the most popular socaial networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.
  • Email Templates Plugin: This plugin enables you to send professional, branded emails from your website. You can configure the templates for all outgoing emails and email notifications from your website.
  • Language Translator / Multilingual Plugin: This plugin helps you to convert your existing SocialEngine Website into a successful multi-lingual website.
  • Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin: Browser Push Notifications or Web push notifications are clickable messages that are sent from a website to its subscriber's browsers. These are very similar to push notifications in mobile apps, and are accessible on desktops, mobiles, as well as tablets, even when the user is away from your website. You can drive traffic and engagement on your website with this nascent form of marketing.
  • GIF Player Plugin: Make playing of GIF images more easy and efficient with this plugin.
  • Sticky / Fix Page Columns Widget: It is a tiny and simple widget to fix the content of column regardless of how far the page is scrolled. This widget is useful when even content is not being displayed by all columns and you want to show that section of page till its content only.
  • Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin: This provides the users the benefit of adding bookmarks for their favorite content on the website.
  • Export User Information Plugin: This plugin can help you export the information of users of your website in three formats.
  • Social Meta Tags and Open Graph: This plugin is the best choice to Optimise your SocialEngine Website for Social Media Channels.
  • Member Profile Short & Custom URL (Free): The simplest solution for SocialEngine based websites to create shortened and relatable user profile URL.
  • Email ID Verification Reminder (Free): This plugin provides Email verification for all the users and also reminds them to verify their email addresses by showing a tip having verification button.
  • Member Avatars Plugin with Initials (Free): This plugin attractively displays Avatar initials for the users who skip or miss out uploading profile images during sign-up. These members are displayed across the platform with their name initials.
  • Birthdays Plugin (Free): This plugin shows users the birthdays of their friends and allows them to wish easily.
  • Poke Plugin (Free): The Pokes Plugin enables a user to grab the attention of another user.
  • Likes Plugin (Free): Enable users to Like content & profiles and promote quality content on the site.

What All This Package Offers?

  • We are offering you a discount of $649, where the total cost of included Plugins is: $1648. You are thus being charged only $999 for this amazing package.
  • This package contains 38 amazing plugins which have been certified by SocialEngine.
  • If you're doing a fresh installation of SocialEngine, then this package enables you to set up your own social media website.
  • Free installation of all these plugins on your site by us.
  • Free support for 90 days for all these plugins.

So,using the package, empower your online media community..

How can I install this package?
To install this package on your SocialEngine website, please follow the steps below:
  • i) Extract the downloaded zip file, you'll get tar file.
  • ii) Install the tar file, all modules will be installed.
Actual Cost