Enabling SocialEngineAddOns / 3rd party plugins in iOS and Android apps via Webview

Are you concerned about:

  • I want all the feature of my full website in my Mobile Apps?
  • I want all SocialEngineAddOns plugins of my website to be available in Mobile Apps till the time SocialEngineAddOns releases their compatibility with Mobile Apps?
  • I want all 3rd-party plugins of my website to be available in Mobile Apps?

Worry not, answer to all these 3 questions is the "WebView" feature that we have implemented in our Native Mobile Apps in nice, robust manner.


Currently, all the SocialEngine core features and core plugins are integrated with our Native Mobile Apps. Thus, to provide the un-integrated SocialEngineAddOns plugins and any other 3rd party plugins, the "WebView" concept has been developed in our apps.


Wondering what WebView is? WebView allows you to view web elements inside your mobile app. Thus, opening of any link in WebView will show its browser view inside your app, hence making your users believe that to be a part of your mobile app.

How can I add entries for 3rd-party plugins in the Dashboard Menu of Mobile Apps?

  • Go to “Admin” > “Plugins” > “SEAO - Android Mobile App” > “App Dashboard Menus” (Or, “Admin” > “Plugins” > “SEAO - iOS Mobile App” > “App Dashboard Menus” in case of iOS app)
  • Add a new Menu-Item from “Add New Menu / Category” link.

  • Fill the required basic information. In the URL field, place the complete URL of the webpage (in case of a 3rd-party plugin, enter the URL of its main browse page), including the http / https component. You can get this URL from your Desktop Website.
    Note that you can also add a custom icon for the new Dashboard entry to match with the 3rd-party plugin.

Refer to the below video to see how you can create a new Menu-Item in the Mobile App Dashboard: https://youtu.be/ceR-CSaTXss


Once you save the changes, a new icon with specific name and icon will start displaying in the App Dashboard. Tapping on this will open the 3rd-party plugin's view in the app:

So, this is how our / other 3rd-party plugins can be easily integrated with our Native Mobile Apps.

Note: While you're adding a new menu-item to your app's dashboard, users who are using your app at that moment will need to restart your app to view that newly created menu-item in app's dashboard.

Webview is available in both our Android and iOS Mobile Applications.

Methods to display WebView in our Mobile Apps and decision to choose an option:

WebView displays the mobile web view of a particular page. Hence, for a good user experience with webview in Mobile Apps, you can opt for either a Mobile Plugin or a Responsive Theme for your website. It is completely your choice to decide whether you want to opt for a Mobile Plugin or a Responsive Theme. But if you ask which is a better option, then both have their favourable points as discussed below:

1) WebView using Mobile Plugin
  • You can use our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin" or any other 3rd-party Mobile Plugin to display your website's pages in Mobile Apps via WebView.
  • There might be a possibility that our/any 3rd-party mobile plugin might not be compatible with our/other 3rd-party plugins but, when it comes to the user experience then our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin" will give outstanding performance.
  • If you’re sure that all your site’s plugins that you want to show in the Mobile App are compatible with your website's Mobile Plugin then you should go with that Mobile Plugin.

Refer to the below video to view the WebView experience with our SocialEngineAddOns "Mobile / Tablet Plugin": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUiT_-KovVk

2) WebView using Responsive Theme
  • You can use one of our "Responsive Themes" or any other 3rd-party Responsive Theme to display your website's pages into Mobile Apps via WebView.

Refer to the below video to view the WebView experience with our SocialEngineAddOns "Responsive Spectacular Theme": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJt8rQGw0W0

Our Recommendation
  • We recommend you to use "Mobile / Tablet Plugin" over a responsive theme because even if all your plugins are compatible with the "Mobile / Tablet Plugin", the user experience with a Responsive theme wouldn’t be that impressive if compared to "Mobile / Tablet Plugin"
  • Color scheme of "Mobile / Tablet Plugin" or a "Responsive Theme" should be same to the color scheme of Mobile apps so that your Mobile App and WebView look same.