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Multiple Listing Types - Paid Listings Extension
Available for SocialEngine PHP v4
Price: $40

Paid Listings Extension for "Multiple Listing Types Plugin" enables you to create multiple Packages for the various Listing Systems on your website. You can enable Packages for selected Listing Types. Packages can be Paid or Free, and they can vary in terms of features like: Price, Billing Cycle (one-time / recurring), number of photos, wishlist feature availability, and many more. Even custom Profile Fields can be made package dependent such that higher packages can provide more profile fields and a detailed profile to listings.


This extension gives you a great monetization opportunity by allowing you to charge users for Paid Listings.


The "Multiple Listing Types Plugin", which becomes a highlight of your content and information driven social website, can now add more value with Paid Listings. Well configured Packages can ensure existence of good quality content on your website, which can lead to higher user retention and traffic.

Plugin Features:
  • Packages: Admin can enable packages for Listing Systems on site. If enabled for a Listing Type, multiple packages can be created based on features that should be available to listings under them.
  • Package system can be enabled / disabled any time for a Listing Type. If enabled, multiple packages can be created for that Listing Type with varying features.
  • Paid & Free packages: Payments via Paypal or 2Checkout for paid listings (integration with SocialEngine's payment system). Supports 2 types of Billing Cycles:
    • One-time Billing
    • Recurring Billing Cycle
  • Listing creators will be able to choose a Listing Package before creating a new listing. Also in case of Paid Packages, listing owners will have to pay for the created listing first, to get their listing approved, thus enabling website owners to get a boost in revenues from their website.
  • Flexible configurations.
  • Expiry time-limit can be set for listings of a package. Listings of paid packages can be renewed after expiry.
  • Listings of packages can be automatically approved, sponsored and featured based on their setting.
  • Features like below can individually be made dependent on packages such that they may be available to selected packages:
    • Overview
    • Location Map
    • User Reviews
    • Wishlist / Favorite
    • No. of Photos
    • No. of Videos
      and more..
  • Even custom Profile Fields can be made package dependent such that higher packages can provide more profile fields and a detailed profile to listings.
  • Listing owners can change / upgrade the package for their listing from dashboard. 
  • 2 Package Displays: Horizontal and Vertical, enables site admin to give different views to package information display. Attractive UI for package selection page, where users are clearly shown the benefits they would get from each Package. 
  • "Apply Now" Button:
    • Very useful for websites having Listings of Type: Jobs, Properties, Products, etc.
    • If you have a Listing Type where you want users to act on Listings like: apply to jobs posted by employers, contact property owners, file complaint for a product, etc, then this feature will be very useful for your website
    • Sign-in and Sign-up Pop-ups for cases when the action requires visitors to be a site member. Good user experience, and helps in increasing site's user-base. (Dependent on our popular plugin: "Advanced Menus Plugin - Interactive and Attractive Navigation"). 
    • Custom fields can be created in the action form.
    • Users can upload files / resumes while filling the action form.
    • Button text can be changed to denote action type.
    • Listing Admins can monitor user responses and can download resumes / files, view response details, delete responses, etc.
    • Listing owner gets email notification for new responses / actions on their Listing.
  • Site Admin can create, manage and track various information regarding Packages from the 'Manage Packages' section:  
    • Total Listings Created
    • Price
    • Duration
    • Billing Cycle
    • Package Status

This extension provides you a huge opportunity to monetize your online community. It can be used by websites for various types.

Have a website related to Jobs, Products, Properties, etc? Why not charge your users for posting these types of listings, or create hierarchical Packages for posting listings?


  • If you are having a Jobs related website, you can charge employers for posting their job details, and allow job-posts of higher packages to have more fields.
  • If your website showcases Products, then you can charge product owners for creating product listings on your website.
  • If your website is related to properties / real estate, then property owners can be charged for posting their properties on your website.


Create paid packages, and packages with extra benefits to higher ones to increase revenue of your website and improve quality if listings on your website. Go ahead and start earning with this simple extension.

The following are the requirements for this extension:

Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This extension will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
What will my extension download contain?
The extension download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the extension package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this a stand-alone extension?
I want to customize this extension according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Price: $40
Different Views Of Package Multiple Listing Type: Dashboard Package Information in Pop Up Admin: Create New Package Admin: Manage Packages Admin: Listing Type Settings Sign In Using Popup (When Non Logged In User Clicks 'Apply Now' Button)

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