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New Release: GIF Player Plugin

Monday May 29, 2017   |   News & Updates   |   Leave a Comment

To keep your website updated, you need to follow the latest trends in the digital world. GIF images are one of the latest inclusions. The increasing trend of using GIF images in digital world is known to everyone. People love to share GIF images on their social networking profiles and websites. But what about the page loading time that increases due to automatic loading of these images. What if you can start and stop GIF images on demand? Our ‘GIF Player Plugin’ can do this for you.


Using ‘GIF Player Plugin’ you can start and stop the GIF image anytime. GIF player loads a lighter static version of the animated GIF, and then loads the actual animated GIF when the user wants to see it play. Thus, reducing the page loading time. Another attractive feature you would like to configure via settings, is to trigger the animated GIF on certain actions such as on-click or mouseover; and set the time duration for the GIF image to play.


Some of the most significant features of this plugin are:

  • Add GIF button on media files

  • Start and Stop the GIF image

  • Play GIF image on demand, make page loading faster

  • Automated Image Preview

  • Compatible with most of our plugins

  • Trigger action to play GIF: on-click or mouseover

  • Set the time for which GIF images play



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Main Plugin Page:
To read complete details of this plugin, please visit its main page: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/socialengine-gif-player-plugin.


Check out the demo of this plugin here:


Got any queries? Please feel free to contact us.