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New Release: One Time Password (OTP) Plugin and Holidays Discount Extended!

Tuesday January 2, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngineAddOns introduces a new plugin: ‘One Time Password (OTP), Mobile Verification and Secure Login Plugin’ to tackle the security breaches caused by spammers and scammers in your SocialEngine community.


OTP verification combines a user login with physical access to a smartphone to verify authorized access to an Account. A user can begin to log into a secured service by entering an ID and password, but then must receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS, using a phone number associated with the account. Entering this additional one-time credential constitutes the second step of verification or the second factor of authentication, with the idea that only someone who knows the correct account password and who physically possesses Mobile Phone can gain access to the account.



Some of the most significant features of this plugin are:


1) Sign Up with Phone Number: Phone Number can be enabled as a field or mandatory field during signup process. OTP will be sent to the entered Phone number in sign up process to authenticate the access to the user of your website.


2) Login with Password / OTP: Provide option to your website users to either login using a password or an OTP. This will provide an additional option to the user in case one forgets the password.


3) Two Factor Authentication: Enable ‘Two Factor Authentication’ to enhance the security on your website. Now, the users need to enter a password and an OTP received on the registered phone number to successfully login to the user account.


4) OTP Code Format: OTP verification code can be sent to the website user in a Numeric or an Alphanumeric format based on the choice of the website's Administrator.


5) OTP For Specific / All Countries: OTP verification can be enabled for specific countries or all the countries based on the requirement of a website. One can set a default country which will be shown to the users as pre-selected in the signup form.


6) OTP in Native Languages: If you have a multilingual website, it will be logical to send the OTP and the accompanying message in the native language of the user. This will make the connection strong of the website and its users.


7) User Blocking: Set the count for number of login attempts via OTP verification. Once, the user exceeds these attempts, his account will be blocked for the defined period of time. This will block the unauthorised login attempts.


8) SMS Templates: Compile the text in different languages, which you want to include with OTP verification code to be send to users for various process like: Sign Up, Login, Forget Password etc.


9) SMS Service Configuration: Amazon, Twilio and Virtual SMS Client: Top two SMS Service has been integrated with this plugin: Amazon and Twilio and one service for testing purposes: Virtual SMS Client. Configure either one to start sending OTP verification code to your website users.


10) Statistics: View statistics related to SMS sent to users, over different time periods, for different process like: Sign Up, Login, Forget Password etc. or which are sent by Admin.


And many more…


If you like these features and haven't yet purchased this plugin, then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get it now.


Main Plugin Page:
To read complete details of this plugin, please visit its main page:


Check out the demo of this plugin here:



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