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New Release: Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin For SocialEngine and Last 3 Days of 20% Discount

Friday February 1, 2019   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We have recently released Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin which enables you to customize the error pages of your website including Maintenance Mode page, Coming Soon page, Login Required page, etc.

We all come across errors while browsing the Internet such as Login Required error, Maintenance Mode, 404 Page Not Found error, etc. Such errors are not fully avoidable, however, if we can serve our users with informative pages while any such error occurs, then that can really enhance the user experience of our website. And this is what this plugin enables you to do. You can customize error pages and turn these simple looking pages like boring Maintenance Mode page, Login Required page into informative ones to enhance user experience of your website.

Plugin also allows to redirect 404 Page Not Found errors to website’s home page using 301 redirection. Less number of 404 errors results in better SEO of the website.


Major Features
  • The plugin allows to display Coming Soon page if your website is to be launched soon.
  • Multiple Types of Data: Each banner can be a combination of text, front image, background image and CTA (Call To Action) buttons.
  • Modification of boring Maintenance Mode page into a beautiful and delightful page.
  • It allows redirection of 404 Page Not Found errors to website’s home page.
  • It allows to design Highly Customized error pages with use of custom images and descriptive text.
  • 4 Predefined templates designed by our UI experts are provided for various error pages.
  • It allows to show “Go to Home”, “Go Back” and search box on error pages to provide easy navigation for users.
  • It supports GIF images to be used in custom pages.
  • It supports RTL languages and multiple languages.
  • Custom pages made are 100% Responsive.
  • And Many More..
Major Benefits
  • Improved SEO: The plugin allows Redirection of 404 Error Pages to website’s homepage, so Google will encounter less number of 404 errors for your website resulting in increased SEO ranking of your site.
  • Enhanced User Experience: You can turn simple looking error pages into attractive and informative ones, thus increasing the user experience of your site.
  • Coming Soon Page: If your website is to be launched soon, you can display a Coming Soon Page on the website to let your visitors be aware of the site launch. This gains web presence of site and helps building audience for it even when it is not yet live.
  • Customized Information On Error Pages: You can add custom headings, subheadings and descriptions to custom error pages to make them appealing and communicate with your visitors.

For more details, please refer the plugin page:

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