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Compatibility of our Plugins with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10

Friday January 22, 2016   |     |   Leave a Comment

As you all know that SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 is released; we've upgraded some of our plugins to make them compatible with the latest update.
Now, all our plugins are compatible and will work well with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10.

In SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10, FlowPlayer has been upgraded to v3.2.18 in order to address some vulnerabilities that existed in older version. To make our plugins compatible with this change, we have done a few changes in some of our plugins listed below. So, if you are going to upgrade SocialEngine PHP to it's latest version i.e. 4.8.10 then you would also need to upgrade our below plugins to their latest versions.

SocialEngine 4.8.10

Plugins & Extensions that we've upgraded:


- Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

- Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin

- Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments

- Directory / Businesses - Photo Albums Extension

- Directory / Businesses - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension

- Directory / Businesses - Videos Extension

- Groups / Communities Plugin

- Groups / Communities - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension

- Groups / Communities - Videos Extension

- Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension

- Directory / Pages - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension

- Directory / Pages - Videos Extension

- Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin

- Advanced Events Plugin

- Mobile / Tablet Plugin

- Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin

- Video Lightbox Viewer Plugin

- Multiple Listing Types - Listing Type Creation Extension



We've also done minor bug fixes in below listed plugins and theme based on the changes done and fixes released in SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10:

- Directory / Businesses Plugin

- Directory / Pages Plugin

- Shopping Hub - a Social Commerce Theme

- Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin

- Free! Birthdays Plugin - Listing, Wishes, Reminder Emails and Widgets


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Note: You can choose to be notified about new important upgrade releases for our plugins purchased by you, by clicking on the "Subscribe to Plugin Upgrade Notifications" link in "Files" section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area. We also post about major plugin upgrades on our blog.


Click here to read the complete blog post of SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 release. Many important fixes have been done in this release from both technology and security perspective. If you want to benefit from these changes and would like to use our professional service to upgrade your website to the latest version of SocialEngine PHP, then please subscribe to our "Basic" or "Plus" Subscription Plans, or order our SocialEngine Upgrade Service.