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Benefits and Use Cases of Crowdfunding / Donations Plugin with Exclusive 20% Discount

Friday June 16, 2017   |   News & Updates   |   Leave a Comment

We have recently released Crowdfunding / Fundraising / Donations plugin. As the name suggests 'Crowdfunding' is the practice of funding a project, venture or idea by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Here, power of the crowd is used to make any great idea a reality. This crowd consists of one’s friends, family, interested people and individual investors.


Let's Break the Barriers! Let's Grow Together With Crowdfunding!


Benefits of Crowdfunding:

From accessing a pool of backers to enjoying more flexible fundraising options, there are a number of benefits of crowdfunding platform over traditional methods. Some of the benefits are as follows:


- Project Type: Create projects for disaster-relief, creative projects, creating a saleable product, or for launching a startup.


- No Initial Investment: This is a fast way to raise finance with no upfront fees.


- Reach: Via this platform, your project / idea will reach to thousands of people including investors, admirers, followers etc., who can further share and spread your project for more supporters.


- Presentation: To create a project on a crowdfunding platform, you go through the invaluable process of looking at your business from the top level— its history, traction, offerings, addressable market, value proposition, and more, then presenting it into more simpler and understandable form for the backers.


- Marketing: Crowdfunding platforms allow you to market your project, generate interest, and receive funds. Tossing an idea or a project through the online platform can be a valuable form of marketing and result in media attention from project launch to completion.


- Validation of Idea: Backers of the project can provide useful feedback about your project. It is one of the good and reliable way to validate your idea / project.


- And many more…



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Main Plugin Page:
To read complete details of this plugin, please visit its main page: http://bit.ly/2qII26m


Check out the demo of this plugin here:


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