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New Release: Newsletter / Marketing Plugin

Newsletters / Marketing Plugin as its name suggests, is a system that allows sending of newsletters to your users. Maintaining customer relationships is a key to success for all types of businesses and newsletters are undoubtedly a great way to maintain a healthy relationship with your users / clients.

It's Finally Here - Major Upgrade Release of Android Mobile App for SocialEngine

This is Groundbreaking! We’re thrilled to announce the Major Upgrade Release of Android Mobile App for SocialEngine with many Exciting, Robust, and many of the features Most Demanded by our Clients.

Staging Website: A Key to Success for SocialEngine Website Owners

A lot of our SocialEngine clients report problems they face with the installation and upgrade of 3rd party plugins, themes and SE core causing damage to their reputation because of their live website going down, or due to the bugs coming on their live website after installation of a new theme or a plugin or adding a new custom feature. To help you overcome this challenge, Team SocialEngineAddOns recommends you to build a Staging W

New Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds in iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine and 15% Discount

Few months back, we released Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds of our Android Mobile App for SocialEngine. We received great response from all our clients for that release.

Celebrating 72nd Indian Independence Day with Flat 15% Discount on Everything

The day to cherish and celebrate our freedom and to remember the people who had got us this freedom by paying a lot has come.

Certified & Non-Certified SocialEngineAddOns Plugins

You may know that SocialEngine has launched the Certified Marketplace few months ago, to list down all the certified products at one place. So, now, you can choose between certified and noncertified products. Choosing a certified product will allow you to rest assured that the product has been tested to install on a fresh SocialEngine site while producing no errors.

New Release: Advanced Music Albums, Songs, Playlists & Artists Plugin

Collaborating your work with chronological organisation of music makes your work more pleasant. Thinking about de-stressing the community members, SocialEngineAddons has introduced Advanced Music Albums, Songs, Playlists & Artists Plugin.

New Release: Responsive Allure Theme

Here we come with a brand new invention to make your network more delightful. SocialEngineAddOns got you a brand new theme namely  Responsive Allure Theme . As supposed by the name Responsive Allure Theme is completely fascinating in terms of its consolidating features and coherent functionalities.

New Release: Stories Feature in Android Mobile App for SocialEngine

Stories are an engaging feature that can boost usage and activity in your community.

Facebook Ads: Monetization Opportunity for your iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Facebook Ads are the fastest-growing revenue opportunity for Mobile Apps. They don’t require much efforts to launch and provide remarkable revenues depending on the user-base of your community.   Facebook has recently made some changes in the Audience Network to make Facebook Ads Configuration easier and better-managed.