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Sponsored Stories Extension for Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin provides a new influential type of advertising. It introduces a Word-of-Mouth-Marketing tool for content on your community. Sponsored Stories give more distribution and visibility among friends to user interaction with site's content. Features like on-the-spot, inline Liking enable viral promotion of stories and content. This is similar to Sponsored Stories on Facebook. This extension extends the core functionalities of the Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin like packages, campaigns, paid advertising, targeting, analytics, etc.

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Sponsored Stories provide a new influential type of advertising on your community. They introduce a Word-of-Mouth-Marketing tool for content on your community. Multiple admin created ad packages enable users to choose the right plan for their campaigns. Integration with SocialEngine's payment system allows charging users for Sponsored Stories with multiple pricing models based on clicks, views or days. Sponsored Stories widgets can be placed on all widgetized pages of your site.

  • Sponsored Stories are Social Ads that enable advertisers to get more distribution and visibility for user interaction with their content on your community.
  • Sponsored Stories always include stories of relevant actions by viewer's friends on advertiser's content. Example: When a user Likes the advertiser's content, then the story for this Like activity will be visible to the user's friends as sponsored.
  • Viewers of Sponsored Stories will be able to "Like" the advertised content inline on-the-spot. Such Like actions will lead to a viral promotion of advertised content as the Sponsored Stories will then also be viewable to the viewers' friends.
  • Sponsored Stories seem attractive and informative to users as they actually include the activity of friends.
  • Sponsored Stories appear organically and highlight a friend's action that would have otherwise been overlooked or not-noticed by the viewer.
  • A combination of Community Ads with Sponsored Stories would work well for advertisers on your website. Community Ads that advertise content can trigger user actions (Likes) on the content which would in-turn trigger Sponsored Stories for these actions, thus amplifying user action on the content.
  • Marketers get a lot of organic value from these ads as people are naturally interested in things their friends care about.
Sponsored Stories Structure & Content:
  • A Sponsored Story is a short version of an Activity Feed Story for friend's action on a content.
  • Thus, a Sponsored Story contains friend's photo & name, action taken, content photo & name and "Like" link.
  • The "Like" link enables users to Like the content in-line on-the-spot, leading to viral distribution and promotion of the content.
  • In-built content integration with 9 SocialEngine plugins (classifieds, groups, etc), Directory Items / Pages, Listings / Catalog items, Documents and Recipes.
  • ANY 3rd party content module/plugin can be easily integrated from admin panel, to enable content from it to be advertized.
Sponsored Stories Creation:
  • Easy, multi-step Sponsored Story creation process:
    • Choose an Ad Package
    • Choose the content for Sponsored Stories
    • Targeting and Scheduling
    • Review Your Sponsored Story
    • Order your Advertisement (for paid ads)
  • Real time story preview while designing a Sponsored Story.
  • Pay via Paypal or 2Checkout for paid ads (integration with SocialEngine's payment system).
Sponsored Stories Display:
  • Sponsored Stories widget can be placed at desired locations from the Layout Editor.
  • Admin can individually choose the number of stories to be shown in each widget placement.
  • "Ad Board" page also enables users to see more Sponsored Stories.
Ad Packages:
  • Advertisers / users will have to choose a package for an ad.
  • Package properties:
    • Paid / Free package and Price
    • Pricing Model: Pay for Clicks / Views / Days
    • Expiry Limit
    • Content types that can be advertised (for which Sponsored Stories can be created)
    • Member Levels to which this package should be available
    • Targeting enabled / disabled
    • Require admin approval before activation for ads of this package
    • Enable advertisers using this package to renew their ads before expiry
  • As Sponsored Stories are generated from friends' actions on advertised content, users see Sponsored Stories only for friends' actions.
  • The other Targeting properties are same as that of "Ad Targeting" in the main "Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin".
Ad Analytics & Reports:
  • Advertisers / users can group their ads into campaigns.
  • Ad-free site can be enabled for certain Member Level(s).
  • Email notifications to users for multiple events like ad approval, activation, expiry, payment status, etc.
  • Users can report ads for various reasons like misleading, offensive, inappropriate, etc.
  • Ads can be assigned priority weights by admin. Higher priority ads have more chances of being displayed.
Pages and Widgets:
  • Ad Board: Shows a grid of ads (Sponsored Stories and Community Ads).
  • My Campaigns: Shows all ad campaigns of a user with statistical graph.
  • Main Campaign Page: Lists ads of a campaign with graph.
  • Main Ad Page: Shows Tabular and Graphical statistics.
  • Create / Edit an Ad: Multi-steps process
  • Performance Reports: For Ads and Campaigns
  • Help & Learn More pages: 2 types of advertising help pages - normal and FAQ based.
  • Sponsored Stories Widget
  • Advertise - Create an Ad widget

The following are the requirements for this plugin:

Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this a stand-alone plugin?
No, this plugin requires the Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin to be installed on your site.
On which all pages of my site can I show Sponsored Stories?
You can place the Sponsored Stories widget on all the widgetized pages of your site.
What are Ad Packages?
Before creating an ad on your site, users will have to choose a package for it. Ad packages in this advertising system are very flexible and create many settings as mentioned below, to suit your advertising needs:
- Paid / Free package
- Package cost
- Content types to be advertisable
- Pricing Model (clicks / views / days)
- Expiry limit for ads of this package
- Allow targeting of ads of this package
- Require / not-require admin approval for ads of this package
- Enable advertisers to renew their ads of this package before expiry
What is Ad Targeting?
Ad targeting enables advertisers to reach their target audience which is more likely to be interested in their ads. If an ad package allows targeting, then advertisers using it will be able to configure targeting for their ad based on user profile fields. Only users having profiles matching with the targeting criteria will be shown the targeted ad. This plugin provides both basic and advanced targeting options.
Can advertisers see the performance of their Ads?
Yes, advertisements can see both graphical as well as statistical reports of their ads and campaigns. Advertisers can see the clicks, views and CTR (clickthrough rate) for their ads.
Where can I place the main "Advertising" Link?
You can place the main Advertising link on your site at these 4 places: Main Navigation Menu, Mini Navigation Menu, Footer Menu, Member Home Page Left side Navigation .
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
Sponsored Story Element structure A Site-page with both Community Ads and Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories widget Sponsored Stories in Ad Board Create a Sponsored Story: Choose an Ad Package (Step 1) Create a Sponsored Story: Design Your Sponsored Story  (Step 2) Create a Sponsored Story: Targeting and Scheduling (Step 3) Create a Sponsored Story: Review Your Sponsored Story (Step 4) Create a Sponsored Story: Order your Advertisement (for Paid Ads) (Step 5) For other screenshots of user pages like Campaigns, Ad Reports, Ad Statistics, Help & Learn More etc, visit the Advertisements Administration Admin: Layout Editor (Sponsored Stories widget Settings)